There is a shift from forth-dimensional consciousness into fifth-dimensional consciousness happening RIGHT NOW.

We are going through a planetary shift from the Information Age into the Wisdom Age. 

Our job as humans on this planet at this time is to align our thoughts and actions to who we are at Soul level in order to express our Divinity.

Hi, My name is Paula and I train energetically sensitive people to use their sensitivity, so they can have the tools to create a location free business, helping others shift from a fourth-dimensional consciousness into a fifth-dimensional consciousness.

I've worked for thousands of people from all around the world at a multi-dimensional level, and I have developed a proven blueprint for removing negative energy as well as helping people heal and expand.

I now teach that blueprint to others from all around the world through online training, workshops and retreats through my Academy.

I help people remember and expand into their original Soul Blueprint by training them to navigate and clear interference we collectively experience at this time at a partitioner level.

I help my students create soul based business in alignment to their Divine Soul Blueprint by using their energetic gifts so they can step into the leader and way-shower they came here to be.

Many empaths feel as though they don't belong here and struggle to put together the jigsaw pieces of why they are here.

Thats where I can help  

For the first time in 10 years I am opening up my trainings to the public, normally only offered to clients of mine who had received a soul reading and clearing.

Right now Im offering a Negative Energy Removal Practitioners Training that will blow your mind and expand you.


See The Holographic Soul Academy


Learn how to work in the Akashic Records to create a LOCATION FREE business helping others navigate this dualistic reality in the most exciting time to be alive as we quantum leap into a new timeline.

Check out my Holographic Soul Academy to see if anything makes your soul scream YES!!!

If you a get the call I look forward to working with you. So much love


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See The Holographic Soul Academy