7 Steps to navigating this shift we are going through.



We are going through a massive process right now on this planet and most people call it ‘the ascension process’ but I am not a fan of that word due to so much spiritual crap around it. It makes it sound like we are going somewhere or leaving this planet. What I have come to feel is that this process is more about remembering who we are in order to recode ourselves back to our original blueprint before this time space reality was hacked by energies that wanted our powerful creator energy. We have been kept in the dark for so long and cut off from our true nature so other energies could use our vital force energy to create a world full of worker bees and sleep walkers.

So now we are finally experiencing a mass awakening on this planet as people wake up and start remembering who they are and start healing the parts that have allowed this massive feast for so long. It’s through us going inside ourselves and cleaning up our inner world that we start to feel our light come through and we expand our consciousness past the limited illusion we have been feed.  

So here are some steps to take if you are new to this process.

1 Healing yourself

When we have past hurts and traumas like stress, emotional or physical pain, blame, anger, resentment, and guilt (just to name a few) we block access to Source energy and this creates blockages within our energy body causing depression, overwhelm and disempowerment. So spending the time to heal these issues is the only way to move beyond our current vibrational states to access higher wisdom and information that allows us to be in alignment to who we really are.

2 Spend time going into your inner world

If we don’t create silence and stillness to tap into our inner world and find out how we really feel then we can’t tap into the truth of who we really are at soul level. Without knowing who we are at the core we are not able to activate our purpose on this planet and this leads to a feeling of being lost and alone. Creating space for yourself to drop into your body through meditation or another form of practice allows you to cleanse your mind, body and soul as well as opens up your energy channels to the subtle signals your body is trying to tell you. Body wisdom is a superpower and one we need to activate to navigate these energies we are experiencing on our planet. It allows us to tap deeper into our inner world and see what shadows are blocking our light. This inner work is the key to unlocking your gifts and magic and to expand beyond the fake matrix we are trapped in.

3 Face your sabotages

Our subconscious mind is so powerful and holds the programs from childhood that we created to keep us safe. We have been programmed by our parents, teachers, society, media and many other forces and this creates the blueprint in how we see and respond to the world. If these programs are not in alignment to who we really are then we could end up creating a life fully out of alignment to who we really are and this can be a painful experience. We have to take the time to dive into our subconscious minds and look at what programs are operating in the background and creating our reality. If we desire a loving relationship but yet we are still running a program that relationships hurt and cause pain due to our parent’s tumultuous relationship, then our unconscious could create sabotage in order to avoid relationships. So to create what we really want in our lives we must dive into our subconscious mind and see what programs are running that keep us from attracting what we really want.

4 Cleaning up our lives

Our natural state is to be in flow with life and our soul but most people aren’t able to tap into that natural flow because of the energetic mess they are in. If a river has lots of rocks, branches and obstruction in its path then the flow is reduced. We are the same! Cleaning up the rubbish, clutter, negative relationships, and obligations that are not supporting your growth and expansion helps clean up your energy and allow more flow in. It’s this flow that allows your true path to unfold under your feet so you don’t have to spend years searching for it.

5 Develop your intuition

Feelings are something most people try and avoid and yet it’s one of our most valuable gifts. If you allow yourself to feel and take the time to drop into those feelings and go a little deeper then you will discover your feelings hold wisdom. This allows you to start tapping into your intuition. Over time you will get more in tune with your feelings and you will develop a deeper relationship with your inner wisdom and guidance.

6 Surrender and trust your process

Surrender is vital to this process! Trying to control things, people and situations just blocks us from vital force energy and blocks pathways for the universe to flow through us. When we are able to let go of the things that are out of our control we are able to see the situation from a different perspective and are able to make better choices that are more in alignment to what we really want. Trying to control things outside of ourselves just gives our power away and we can become more dependent on those things outside of ourselves and then we try and hold on even more (this creating more blockages within our energy body). So trusting this process and surrendering allows our higher selves to step in and take the drivers wheel. We then can start to feel the divine flow and be receptive to what the universe is showing us.

7 Follow your bliss

Right now it’s so important for us to find what turns us on and lights us up. We all know the feeling of falling in love and how amazing life becomes in that state. It’s like every cell in our body is happy and vibrating with light, and that’s because it is. Love is the most powerful force on this planet and a healing superpower. So when we are not doing what we love we block ourselves and numbness sets in. It’s only through doing what we love that our heart expands and opens allowing us to embody the truth of who we are. Why do something you don’t love? It doesn’t make sense and yet it’s the normal experience for most people. We have been programed to think that doing what we love is a luxury but really it’s why we are here!

You are here to create and to experience yourself through your creations. We are here to express our divine authentic selves through our creations and then offer them to the world. It’s only through the creation process we really get to unlock our gifts and magic. Most people go to work at a job they don’t really like and then come home to watch the television to relax and numb out from their reality but this slowly puts the soul to sleep and emptiness and depression creep in. You can read more about why television is blocking you from your true purpose here.

So here we are in this amazing time on this planet, stepping through a massive birthing portal that will transform this planet back to it’s original blueprint. In order for that to happen we all have to first go through this process because this shift is an inside job!

So don’t sit around waiting for someone or something to change this world that is full of war, hate, poverty and greed. Do your part by doing the inner work so you can open yourself up to higher vibrational frequencies and wisdom. This will allow you to be the anchor of light on this planet that you came here to be so we can rise out of the dark and into the light and birth a world that supports everyone and not just a few.

If you feel you need help through this process I offer a soul reading and clearing that will help you know who you are at soul level and what blocks and restrictions you have blocking you from your own divinity.

I am sending so much love. Paula from Theholographicsoul.com