We are in a massive time of transformation right now.

We are going through a massive change right now, in many ways and on many levels. The frequencies are increasing and this is creating a lot of people to question what it is they are meant to be doing.

This is an amazing chance for us to rise into a higher vibration and to remember who we really are. Do you feel that part inside yourself that wants to bust out of this old system that has created so many walls to box us in? 

Do you know deep in your heart that this can't be all there is to this existence.. Do you feel the blocks within yourself holding you back from changing the very things your not happy with within your life?

This is a gift. It is the gift of movement and of transformation that is happening right now. Those parts of yourself that are uncomfortable are the very parts of yourself screaming out for change. They want you to be so uncomfortable that you have no other choice but to take action and change what it is that is creating the friction within your being.

This is the higher part of your being that wants you to step out of who you think you are and to embrace all that you have been so you can remember who you really are.

It is the part of you that knows the bigger plan for your great unfolding but is waiting for you to see beyond your own limitation so you can trust that inner voice that is trying to guide you into a higher vibration so you can tap into the unlimited joy and potential that is really available to you right now.

We are in between a energetic doorway right now. One side holds the old energies of fear, greed, lack and restriction.. On the other side of the door is pure potential that is created with a vibration of love, joy and abundance and that allows ultimate freedom. 

You hold the keys to the door within your own DNA, just like a caterpillar holds the keys to transform into a butterfly when the conditions are right.

The conditions are right!!!! Its time to go look for the keys within your cells and to open the pathways to your Souls dreaming. This is what you are here for, this is what you really came here to experience.

So follow your bliss!! Go after your dreams NOW! Its time! You have that dream for a reason and it holds the keys to unlock the highest version of yourself BUT you have to walk the stepping stones into that higher vibrational version of YOU by taking ACTION towards your dreams.

The time is now to remember who you really ARE!!! So much love to you as you navigate your way back to the truth of who you came here to BE… 

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So much love from Paula from Theholographicsoul.com