Aligning to Divine Abundance


Divine Abundance allows us to access the infinite resources of our Universe. When we are in alignment with Divine Abundance, we recognise that there is more than enough for everybody. 

Aligning to Divine Abundance means aligning to who you really are and creating from that place. We are in a time right now where we are being guided to step into a place of authentic self expression so we can Be who we came here to be. You are here for a reason, you are no accident...

You are such a powerful creator and you are here to create your dreams into Being. When we don't take control of our vital force energy to create with we can end up with lives that look very different to our dream life and this can block us from our true potential. When we start using our Vital force energy to create what we want, we draw in more Vital force energy and we have more creative power to create more with. 

We create out of joy and desire to share our Souls work, knowing that we are fully supported and cared for in every way.. We know the power of the mind and fully expect our desires to manifest themselves into the physical world by mastering the mind and only giving the energy of our thoughts to what we want to create, not to the things we do not.

When we are out of alignment with Abundance, we feel the energies of need and greed running though our bodies and distorting our thoughts and emotions. 

We look at what others have, believing that their abundance some how takes away from ours. We even try to copy what works for someone with abundance thinking that its only what they 'do' that brings them abundance, no realising that true Abundance only comes from following your own path and aligning to your own unique gift.. 

We try to hang on to what we have in fear of loosing it.. When out of alignment with Abundance wanting and craving become the vibration you put out and therefore you only attract more wanting and craving..

If you want more Abundance in your life you first have to master your mind.. You have to figure out what you deeply want in your life (write it out) and you have to take action to align to creating that in your reality.. 

You have to put energy into what you want, by dreaming about it, pulling it to you with your positive thoughts about it and then by taking the steps to creating it (no matter how small the steps are to start with).. 

Celebrate what others have and create in their lives, knowing that the more celebrate others achievements the more you align to it within your own energy body..

Become the master of your mind, body and Soul, only aligning to what you want in your life and saying no to what you don't want.. 

Open yourself to the possibilities of creating anything you want and then have the energetic balls to go after it… 

This life is a gift when you start to take responsibility for everything around you, you chose your job (or lack of one), you chose your partner, where you live and your friends and yes even your family at Soul level.. 

So clean up the parts that are not in your highest good and align to only the things and people that you resonate with and commit to your Souls journey no matter how scary at first, because living a life asleep is much more scary, being the victim, martyr, outcast, disconnected or wounded is much more painful….

So much love to you on your Souls journey  Paula from