Aligning to Divine Light- and how to connect with it.

Divine Light is the energy that brings awareness of Spirit into our lives.. When we are in alignment with Divine Light, we know deep within our being that there is more to us than just our conscious and subconscious minds.. We feel and understand that we are much greater than just a physical being because we have a connection to Source and all other living things.. 

Connecting to this energy of Divine Light brings us conscious awareness to how we are responsible for creating our lives, and it helps us tune in and embrace the inner wisdom and intuitive information that comes through from our Higher Selves if we open up to this amazing energy…

When we are out of alignment with Divine Light we tend to be Earthed and focus only on the physical plane which only operates from a space of logic, reason and ego. Operating from only logic, reason and ego means that you only get to see a small percentage of the truth and you miss out on a massive amount of support from beyond the veil that is not available to the physical eyes.. 

With this limited perspective we would not 'see' the meaning behind things and would only pursue physical rewards that only have a small shelf life before we crave another physical achievement or possession to fill the void that only comes with spiritual connection.

Without this spiritual connection we can feel isolated, disconnected and depressed because we feel that life lacks a deeper meaning and a sustainable channel for a deeper sense of joy and love to flow through us.. This is why we can see that sometimes the people in the poorest of countries have more joy in their hearts because although they lack on the physical, they have a deeper connection to Spirit that allows them to operate from a higher place within their being…

By asking to connect to your Higher Self on a regular basis, ether through meditation or I like saying a declaration every day that I have written our for myself asking for the veil to be removed from myself and for all negative falsehoods, cords, beliefs and encodings to be removed from myself, as well as all programs that are blocking me from reclaiming my sacredness and powers and from me living my true Divinity.. I ask for the full return of my life-force so I'm in the highest frequency for attracting good health, abundance and joy.. And I declare that its my mission to make choices that lead me to my authentic souls path that will help the earths advancement towards a greater future for ALL.. Then I always give gratitude and thanks…

That is just a example and you could play around with what you want to put out to the universe.. Don't underestimate the power of your words.. Words are energy and thats what creates the future for yourself even more powerful than thoughts, so use your words wisely and start asking for what you want!!

We are moving into a time of instant manifestation so its a good time to become the master of your minds and words. I hope this helps in some way and I send you love and blessings for creating and sharing your Divinity with the world..

Love Paula From