Self love and how to align to it

Divine Love is the energy from which all creation is birthed. Our Souls are birthed from this energy and we are here to experience and express our own unique expression of that Divine energy in our unique ways.

Its really amazing to think that the Divine created us to be able to experience itself, and we then get to create to experience ourselves. 

We create life circumstances for ourselves in order to experience ourselves in many forms, negative and positive. In the centre of these circumstances stands our relationship to ourselves. Everything we create around us is a direct reflection of our own love for ourselves and this is the most painful truth to digest for most of us on this planet.

If we do not fully love ourselves then why would we create amazing, magical lives for ourselves? When we are out of alignment with Divine love we become critical of ourselves and others, we judge ourselves and engage in negative mindsets and patterns, and then everything around us reflects that back and it then amplifies our misalignment and our lack of love for ourselves. Its really a massive mess. 

When we are in alignment with Divine Self Love, we experience life differently, we meet life knowing our purpose with deep soulful confidence because we value our experience and we know we are of value and it all stems from the love we hold for ourselves and knowing how unique we are at Soul level. When we feel this about ourselves we wouldn't create anything that does not reflect that deep love and connection and alignment to who we truly are and it comes easy and naturally because we are flowing with our authentic self expression. 

When we operate from this love for ourselves as a Divine spiritual being we are less afraid of change as we see every opportunity as a chance for growth (even the shitty things that happen), YES we can truly learn to love all that life brings us because it always brings growth and learning and we normally grow our most through our darkest days.

When we have Love for ourselves we treat ourselves as our greatest lovers and this allows us to be at ease with ourselves and comfortable being ourselves around others..

When you come from this place of love within yourself you treat yourself with acceptance and non judgment, knowing that everything is just a journey and a experience, and that your path is one of diversity and magic, even the painful bits. This self acceptance is then extended towards others and then reflected back to us by those who we have and hold around us… 

So I now see that to truly love myself means peeling back the layers of who I am NOT.. How do I do this? By Connecting to my higher self every day and bringing forward that amazing woman who already IS Divine love and already holds space for others to be their Divine selves.. I visualise what she embodies and I take action to bring her into alignment with my current 3rd dimensional self.. I consciously visualise unplugging from the collective consciousness of what a woman 'should look like, be like, act like' and instead Im writing my own script that comes from the depth of my soul and is burnt into my Divine Soul blueprint.. 

Am i fully there yet?? NO… and I except that … because this IS the journey of a lifetime.. I can say that I'm finally on more of a  positive side of the experience now but can see how the LACK of self love has given me a deeper gratitude for the joy that I finally have for being able to deeply care for myself.

Duality is a mind blowing thing that allows us to fully feel the variety of experiences life has to offer… I hope that you experience ALL of who you are and who you are here to be… you deserve to live and be in your power. So much Love from Paula @