Alignment with Divine Power

Divine Power gives us the tremendous gift of free will and the amazing gift of free choice.. When we are aligned with our Divine Power we recognise that we are the creator of our experience and that means we know we are responsible for every aspect of our lives..

We know that no matter what we are experiencing in the moment, we have the power to make a conscious choice on how we will react to that experience and we know that this choice will effect the outcome.. 

When in alignment to Divine Power we know and understand that we are the source of our own happiness and it can not be taken from us.. We don't try and power over others, but in fact we give others power by seeing the power within them and helping to bring that forward. 

When we are out of alignment with Divine Power we feel trapped in our life circumstances, and trapped in the story of our lives, we play the victim.

We feel others have control over us and we think that we have no choice.. We blame others for our position and may even try and gain power over others to try and make ourselves feel more powerful and secure, but robbing other people's power will only create more Karmic debt for you to swim through, adding more energetic crap to you life..

People who are extremely out of alignment with Divine Power will be reluctant to take responsibility for themselves or may do the opposite and try to take inappropriate responsibility for others.. 

One way to come into alignment with your Divine Power is to step out of any role you are playing, take a good look around and ask yourself 'where do I give my power away' and to write it down.. 

Then ask yourself 'why do I choose to do that'..??
It may be a program that was passed down by your mother or father, it may be a imprint from a situation you experienced at some point in your life, it maybe from a lack of self love, only you can find the truth for yourself..

Then write down the steps you will take in reclaiming your Power.. This might look like saying No to the things you don't want to do, or leaving a relationship that does not nourish your inner essence and instead allows you to play the victim or martyr in order to take your power.. It might look like leaving that shitty job where you don't feel respected or valued because deep down you know your worth more and deserve more..

Then finally you have to ACT on these things. Being on paper allows to to see what needs to be done, but its within your actions that the true change happens and this creates a energetic recoding within your cells that then create a energetic vibration that is then sent out… 

This vibration is that of Divine Power, it is like a magnet that will attract to it the experiences of the same vibration.. If your energy body holds the codes to Divine Power, then you will find yourself attracting people who respect and honour your Power, they will respect your boundaries because YOU do.. They will value you because YOU do, and they will see your worth because YOU do!!!!

This is a intense time on our planet as we slowly take back the Power that has been taken from us in so many forms, from our Governments to our Banks to our whole world system that is set up to have power OVER a individual and not to EMPOWER its people, but it is our job to reclaim our power, it is not going to be handed to us on a silver platter.. 

So now is the time, time for a new way of being… This is your time and mine to take the personal responsibility of reclaiming who we are and restoring our true blueprint of our Soul.. It is our gift to be and live in our Power!!!!

So much love to you!!!!  Paula from