Our Higher Self is our Soul Self.. It is the ancient, infinite wise part of us that was directly created from Source (what ever that is to you).

Our Higher Self is not limited to just this present incarnation, it has access to all of our past lifetimes. It spans dimensions, time and space and is our higher dimensional aspects. This is where our intuitive knowledge and guidance comes from.

We can connect to our Higher Self through two ways, through our subconscious or our conscious mind.

When someone feels they have no or little intuition or guidance in their lives it usually also means they are not able to access their Souls purpose. This means they are completely operating and making their decisions from a mental level.

Our world is set up to keep us locked into this form of thinking, enabling us to stay locked into a robotic way of life. Doing things that we think we have to do instead of doing what we would love to do.

This way of life brings about a sense of disconnection and depression that is common within this current third dimension reality right now. Most people feel like they are trapped and wonder if there is more to life. 

When we connect to our Higher Self through our conscious minds, we consciously choose to ask for guidance and inner wisdom and then choose to listen for the answers.. Then we must be brave enough to act on that guidance. Without action nothing changes and it is the action we take that shapes our experience..

The mind will argue with intuitive information when you first start asking and connecting to your Higher Self consciously but the more you listen and act on that information the easier it flows and the more natural it will be to take action on that information.. This is how dreams are manifested into our reality, not by wishing them into existence. By DOING them into reality (action is always required). 

When I do a Soul reading and clearing for someone, I find out the persons connection with their higher self through their conscious and subconscious. This gives the person a greater awareness of how much they are consciously accessing their Higher Self. A very valuable way of understanding how much guidance you are accessing.. 

The more in alignment to our Higher Selves we are the more chance of breaking free from the restrictive 3rd dimensional mindset that keeps us trapped in a world full of drama and pain and ables us to bust out into creating a life of true meaning and soul purpose.

Im truly passionate about helping people tap into their purpose and passion because I believe that we heal ourselves this way. Its only when we feel unvalued and not sure why we are here that we feel lost and alone. Through finding and stepping into our purpose we begin to feel our value and open up more to our gifts and this brings more joy and flow. 

So many people think they have to be fully healed and in full alignment to create their dreams but I believe when we step forward in our purpose to create the dream in our heart then healing and alignment happens naturally. 

If you feel the call to tap into your purpose and passion and you need support then I invite you to check out a Soul Reading and Clearing that I offer to help clear blocks and restrictions that could be holding you back from your Divine Soul Blueprint.  SO much love to you

Paula From