We have been through a collective purge


The last few weeks has been a incredible opportunity to feel what needs healing or whats out of alignment with the eclipse session we have been moving through. Its brought up a lot of feelings of self worth and life purpose for many and you may feel like your alone in the sea of emotions but I would like to tell you… YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

It is a collective purge we are going through right now and no ones getting away with this process unless they have cleaned up every pathway to their Soul, and I doubt that many are in that position right now at this point of evolution.

Someone might appear to have it all together but remember we are all on the same journey. Some people have cleaned up more than others but that does not mean they do not feel the waves that are coming in right now.

The best advice I can give you right now is to NOT compare yourself to anyone else's process or life right now. If you go on facebook or instagram you could very easily think that everyone else in the world has their shit together and are living the dream life BUT this is an illusion and one that drains your energy body every time you engage in that illusion without really seeing through the smoke screen. 

While we move through these massive rises in frequencies we need to fully come back into our bodies and start getting really frickin real with ourselves and work out what will make us full of joy and focus fully on creating that as our reality and this means not looking to see what anyone else is doing or saying, just putting our heads down and getting to work.

These energetic waves are here to help open us, to help us see where the cracks are in order for us to follow the cracks right down to their roots and give that place some love in order for it to be healed or pulled. 

We all have to ability to be amazing! We are all incredible amazing Souls waiting to remember our greatness but we hold on to the old conditioning and illusions that hold us back from our true potential and keep us separated in a world where we are really all connected. 

Its a process that is going to bring us to our knees, to break the mould that has kept us separated and that’s holding a power in place that does not support the evolution process. It's also going to show us who we really are without all the conditioning and stories we think make us who we are. 

This change is happening to all of us, not just a few. Its just that some people are not connected enough to even feel anything, and if they do the chances are that they numb it out with t.v, or other mind numbing tools. 

The ones who are feeling it and actively doing the inner work always feel things ahead of the collective consciousness and thats why sometimes we can look around and wonder why everyone else isn't feeling it. Thats why its important to find others who are on the same page as you so you have others to process with and share the expansion experience. 

Thats why I created The Holographic Soul Tribe for those who have a soul reading and clearing with me. People from all around the world get to share whats going on for them and connect with other soul driven star seeds so you can remember your not crazy and remind each other this shift is real.

You may be feeling really tired from the change in frequencies and the two eclipses we just experienced. You also could be ready to go and expand if you have been doing the work to stay on top of your shit. No matter where you fall on the spectrum its time to get super focused, super committed and ready to do what we came here to do.

We are so much more than we could ever imagine... we are so much more than our pains and our stories and we are so much more than our external mask that holds the fabric of who we think we are together. 

If your feeling alone and are feeling lost in the emotion of it all, just remember that emotions are just E/motion= energy in motion…. Allow the energy to flow through you, feel into the pathway that it flows and don't attach a story to it. Feel into the flow and just sit in that spot it takes you to and then allow it to wash through you like a energetic wave with gratitude that you got to feel the cracks within your being that need some attention. 

Once we allow ourselves to be open enough to feel it without allowing a archetype of the victim, martyr or wounded to play into it, then we open up to the energy of true healing. 

Become conscious of the CHOICE that you have in every moment…

You are a powerful creator… 

You have the power to CHOOSE what you create through the choices that you make.. 

And every choice you make today effects tomorrow…. 

And the next.. and the next… 

Thats how we create our future!

So what are you doing today that will add quality to your life tomorrow?

This is the process of alignment, but first you must get clear on what you are aligning too. So tap into your Soul and create a vision for yourself and create a road map of how your going to start to move in that direction. You don't have to have it all mapped out, you just need to know the first few steps and then take the ACTION. That way the next few steps will show up and then with more aligned action the path starts to unfold under your feet.

So be kind to yourself and take the time to tune in and work out what you really want. Then make it your mission to make it your reality.

So much love!