Can spirit guides be negative?


Simply yes they can. Spirit Guides are souls of a higher level of spiritual evolution that exist in a higher dimensional frequency that choose to get assigned to us to assist us through our awakening process.

They choose this experience in order to help their own evolution by assisting us in our timeline reality. And because of the Law of Attraction, we can only attract to us that of a similar vibration, this includes Spirit Guides.

One Spirit Guide comes with us when we are born, the others get hired as we grow up based on our choices as we go through childhood and young adulthood.

We can hire negative guides if we are in a negative period of our lives when we are hiring another guide. This can be through negative emotions, drugs, being in a toxic environment such as being in an abusive family. These guides usually have a façade device and just like etheric implants, they run a program in a chakra in ether the emotional or mental body.

Having negative Spirit Guides on your inner circle can create distractions from your path and can be a negative influence in your life. They may influence you to make choices that are out of alignment and in my work I often hear that people cut themselves off completely from their guidance to avoid this negative influence they feel.

We live in a reality where duality is a Law and this means we have both positive and negative energy available to us to create with. We get to choose what quality our thoughts, words and actions are and this creates the quality of our vibration. It’s the quality of our vibration that attracts the situations, people, things, money, love, experiences and opportunities in our lives as well as the quality of our spiritual guidance.

Although I believe right now we are moving through a time where we are being asked to rely more on our inner guidance to navigate these shifts, I also know that our Spirit Guides can communicate via frequencies that our inner guidance system filters into impulses that can create us to take action or non-action and this can affect our lives, so it’s important to have the right souls on our team.

This is the reason why I love doing Soul Readings and Clearings because I not only look for how many Spirit Guides you have supporting you but I also look for the ones that are not in your highest good and then via the Akashic Records I get them replaced with ones who are in alignment with your highest good. I also then give you process to follow in order to anchor this new vibrational shift into your third-dimensional body.

Now this doesn’t mean you have to have this work in order to replace these negative guides if you feel you may have some. There are many kinds of ways to do it but this is the way that is in alignment with me, so if you feel the Soul call to work with me I would love to take this journey with you.

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