Can you feel the Solar Eclipse Energy?

There is an amazing amount Energy beaming down on us right now due to a Solar Eclipse thats due within days. This energy has information encoded within it and offers insights into our own healing and expansion.

Our Soul's are able to decode this information by entering into a sacred space and becoming a vessel by tuning into our hearts and allowing the mind to become quiet and still.

By doing this we open up pathways that allow the beauty, healing and expanded awareness of the universe to flow through us.

We are moving from duality consciousness into unity consciousness but you have to get out of the mind and into the heart to receive this flow of new information.

Skepticism or a closed mind is what prevents us from receiving this information..Living in the mind will only create more anxiety and fear as these energies keep stepping up in order for us to drop into the new operating system 'the heart'.

It can be a confusing and intense time but the more we keep tuning into our hearts and get super clear on what we want for our lives, our world and what we want to create in order to express who we really are, then the more in alignment we will become and the more flow we will feel and this will bring a sense of expansion within the friction. 

I am sending SO much love! Paula from