How to cut Psychic Cords and Attachments



Someone deeply focusing their attention on you can create an attachment of psychic cords that then drain your energy body. Even if the focused attention is positive (lets say someone is so 'in love' with someone they are focused deeply on them all day every day), this kind of attention would create negative psychic cords because that energy is not balanced, it is out of balance and not healthy. Its more of attachment then love and this is the kind of toxic relationship that can create big damage in someones energy body.

In my work hooks and cords come up a lot in a soul reading and clearing, these can be from parents and of course from partners and friends just to name a few. It's not always done with bad intentions, it can happen out of someones need for control (and them feeling that this is a form of love). So its good to do this clearing regularly so you keep your relationships clear and clean. 

Once we have a cord or hook with someone it usually turns into a toxic situation over time and the relationship usually becomes very hard. This can be avoided if we remember everything is energy, every thought and word is energy and we must master our minds to master our energy body and energy hygiene is as important as physical hygiene.

If you feel this happening to you, stand in front of a mirror and say…

Im calling on my Higherself and all Divine Organic Source Energy to come and clear, delete and cut all negative attachments and psychic cords from me now. I now choose to safely disconnect and release all negative attachments and cords to (……………) Now!

I choose to free myself from these negative connections and choose to close down all pathways and attaching mechanisms to this person now. It is my gift to be and live in my power and I only choose love NOW!!! and so it is

Then visualise yourself cutting all around you with white light, or what ever feels right for you. It might be white light flowing down as it washes everything away. You may not get visuals and thats fine too, as this works regardless, although your mind holds a lot of power so if you can train yourself to become more visual by always being open for it to happen, then you will find you get extra energy behind you. 

Id love to hear how you go in the comments..

Sending you so much love!