DIVINE PASSION... Are you tapping into yours?

If you listen to the beat of your heart you will recognise rhythms of your own internal drumming.. There is a seed in your heart that holds the magic you are looking for.

If you go deep within the soil of your own flesh and tap into your heart, and listen, you will start to activate a powerful eruption of passion that this seed holds.. 

It is this seed that holds the codes for your Souls purpose, it holds the secrets to your wildest dreams.. It wants to be nourished so it can grow and show you the secrets to who you are.. 

This amazing potential is inside of you, it is your gift you were born with. Don't think for one moment that you are not special, for you are a Divine being with unlimited potential.. 

Don't be afraid to look for it, don't be afraid that you do not hold this gift inside your heart.. We all do, but only those who seek it will find it, and those are the ones who dance to the rhythms of life and truly feel what its like to be alive..

You want to feel this passion run through your veins, I know you do, we all share the same disire to be in our full potential.. 

What if you knew this was all an illusion, that you really could create anything your heart disired, would you then step out of your comforts zone? 

Well it IS just an illission and you CAN create anything your heart disires BUT first you have to know what that disire is, not a half ass disire but your true deep core disire, for it is that energy of true Soul disire that will take you to the vibration needed to generate your creation..

It is that true passion within the seed of your heart that holds the codes to creating beyond your limited reality.. Seek it, at all cost seek that seed within your heart. Don't die holding a seed of your Souls dreaming… 

This is a time of germination, we are being pushed to find that seed and to water it with the energy of love and faith.. It will sprout the most amazing gift and bring you endless abundance that will take you to a place you have never thought possible.. 

A place deep within your Soul, where the true gold is buried.. Money can't buy this treasure, it is only found by those brave enough to face themselves and this is the only way to free yourself from the illusion that holds you from your own Divine truth..

Are you brave enough to seek that seed that will allow that passion to flood every cell in your body? That will break down the walls of separation and bust you into the reality of oneness? Are you ready to hop of the victim rolercoaster and jump on the creation express train ? Its so up to you.. no one can do it for you.. The choice is yours 

So much love to you and your Souls dream!!!! So much love - Paula from Theholographicsoul.com