Energy warning for the full moon lunar eclipse coming!

On the 31st January 2018 we have a Full moon, lunar eclipse that will also be a super moon as well as a blue moon!!! Holly crap what does this mean?

This is a very intense time as we move through this massive shift we are going through on this planet. Things are not going to calm down, they are just going to keep intensifying!

I know a lot are feeling it and your ether riding these frequencies or getting a bit smashed by them. If your one of the many who are getting smashed by them, I want you to know you are going to be ok! You just have to remember this is a massive birthing process that is happening FOR you and not TO you!

We as humans on this planet right now are not living into our full potential and this is allowing a darker force to run our amazing planet. This is the process that will allow the light to return to our planet and ourselves but first we must face the darkness or shadow within ourselves in order to transmute the negative energies outside of ourselves.

So let’s look at the energies about to hit us and that can already be felt by the sensitive empaths on the planet.

A lunar eclipse is when the moon appears darkened as it passes into the earth’s shadow. Traditionally this emphasises our emotions and their lack of visibility as the moon rules our emotions and cycles.

A supermoon is a phenomenon whereby the moon appears particularly large in the sky due to it being closer to earth. This traditionally tends to highlight and illuminate secrets and hidden parts of the psyche where emotions we never knew we had can be realised.

A blue moon is when we have a second full moon within a calendar month and can create unexpected events that can push us expand outside our comfort zones.

So if you combine these energies we can see it’s going to be a massive few weeks of emotional clearing and deep shadow work. Whatever we have been suppressing could come up for us to face and heal so we can expand outside of our current comfort zones and set points. This can be extremely uncomfortable and if we have a lot of suppressed emotions this can be painful on many levels.

It’s important for us to know that each one of us has stuff we have to face and heal and that this process is not a reflection of your worth or lack of spiritual evolution. No one is above you or in front of you, we are all walking side by side through this shift together. Some people have more tools and awareness that allows them to navigate these energies in a more productive way, but they are still having to do the inner work in order to keep expanding with this shift.

I want you to know that you are here for a reason and you are so loved and supported on many levels, even if you feel alone! Your pain is valid and it’s from many lifetimes of being trapped in a fake matrix that has kept us from the truth of who we are and our amazing Universe.

No matter how painful the process is, you are going to be ok! If you just allow yourself to remember through the birthing of the pain that this is just a process that is going to bring you to your greatness by removing all the crap holding you back from the truth of who you really are.

Go with it.! Don’t hold on and block the emotions coming up right now as they need to be released from your cells so you can allow more light into each cell that has been holding so much pain and holding you back from your true potential. You are such a unique Divine Being who holds keys and codes that no other soul holds and you are needed here! You are important and of Divine importance to this massive shift we are all facing.

So get ready for a massive purge within yourself and by those around you and don’t attach yourself to any fake bullshit that others are projecting or take things to heart if people around you are purging on you or about you.

But most of all (to anyone feeling like leaving this planet due to pain coming up).. PLEASE DON’T!!! Please reach out and get support because this WILL pass, you WILL get through and WE NEED YOU!!! We need your open sensitive heart and your unique keys and codes your soul holds to make this shift and transform this illusion we are in.

Let’s look after each other more than ever right now!!! Let’s stop judging each other and holding on to old crap that keeps us from loving each other and connecting at a soul level.

More than ever we need each other and we need to be real and authentic in what we are going through so we can bring it all out into the light.

If you need some help navigating these energies you can check out my '7 steps to navigating the shift we are going through' or 'We are in a massive time of transformation right now' blogs.

I am sending so much love! Paula from