Etheric Implant Removal


Etheric implants are a non-physical device that can be planted into our energy body at a forth-dimensional level. The third-dimension is where our physical bodies reside, it’s the dimension where we can touch, see and taste, other third-dimensional manifestations.

The forth-dimension is where thoughts and emotions reside as they are non-physical just like etheric implants. We can’t see thoughts or emotions, we can only feel them - unless those thoughts or emotions are expressed through a third-dimensional form which is our body.

There is a lot of information out on the web from doctors and other experts who talk about etheric implants so it’s becoming more of a talked about subject as we are becoming more conscious of technology that has been used to enslave us and drain us for many lifetimes.

Etheric implants originally were a positive technology from the Sirian Soul group but this technology was corrupted by negative soul groups for many different reasons, one of them was to enslave and control souls in this time space reality.

Although there are etheric implants that are positive, most of the etheric implants I come across while doing Soul Reading and Clearings in the Akashic Records are negative etheric implants.

These negative etheric implants create negativity by running programs in your mental or emotional body as a way of controlling or triggering negative thoughts (if it is in your mental body) or to trigger a negative emotional state (if in your emotional body).  This is a way of generating negative energy within your system so that it can be channelled to the negative beings that did the implanting.

This technology is what keeps us plugged into the fake Matrix system and drains us of our Vital Force Energy that is our creative energy that we are meant to create with. Without enough Vital Force Energy we become hypnotised and live in a sleep like state where we are used as worker bees instead of living as creator beings.

This is why I’m so passionate about teaching others how to remove negative etheric implants and other negative energy and technology. I have helped hundreds of people from all around the world remove them through tapping into the Akashic Records and now I am teaching students to do the same.

I teach my students to not only remove the negative etheric implant but to also remove the program it is running and to close the portalways open that have allowed the implant to drain your vital force energy.

Removing just the negative etheric implant will still allow the program to run and the negative portalway to stay open. So it’s important to address all of it in order to allow your energy body to reclaim its power back and to heal without any more interference. 

If you feel you may have negative etheric implants or struggle with other negative energy and would like the skill to clear yourself so you don't have to rely on anyone else to clear you then check out my Negative Energy Removal Practitioners Training where I teach you how to clear properties and people anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home.

If your looking just to clear yourself and loved ones or if your looking for a way to help others while running a location free business, then this training is for you.

Most people think getting someone to clear you once is all you need BUT thats not how it works. We have to clear ourselves regularly in order to heal and expand. Energetic hygiene is one of the most important skills to have and especially for empaths.

I couldn't keep clearing people!! I had to find a way to put the power back into peoples hands, especially those who are waking up to these energies. This is why I have stopped doing clearings for others and now just focusing on training people.

If you are interested in seeing more information from the training you will find lots of information on my course home page with videos taken from the training so you can feel into it. You will also see videos from students so you can feel if this training is in alignment for you.

I have 2 Youtube channels you might want to check out, Energy Training For Empaths as well as Free Healing Videos. 

If you feel your Soul calling out for this work I look forward to working with you. So much love.

Paula from