Every thought creates your reality.

Do you know you were born to create and that you are a manifesting machine? 

That’s right.. You manifest ALL the time, all day long and you do it REALLY well.. So you really don’t have any problems manifesting… THE PROBLEM is that we have not really been shown how to manifest from the positive side of duality.

We live in a world of Duality.. Light and dark, yin and yang right? So we all know we have positive energy available to us as well as negative energy available..

When we use our mind to think we create an electrical current that enters the energetic matrix and creates a ripple affect within the fabric of our reality by the quality of energy we created the thought with…

This means that if the thought was negative we then choose to inject negative energy into our aura/chakra matrix and this will then be used to attract the same vibrational likeness to itself. 

So if we are thinking and doing negative things for ourselves all day then you can imagine we are not going to attract to ourselves the positive, open and loving experiences we really want for ourselves.

When we do create all out thoughts and actions from a positive energy we get to feed our energy bodies with positive energy and therefore will start to attract more vibrational experiences matching that energy we create from..

So don’t focus on what you don’t want… Focus your energy on what you DO want and start taking massive ACTION to create it… 

How can it not show up in your reality if your using your mind, heart and ACTION (body) to create it? You really DO hold the power within you and it all starts with the way you think….

Are you ready to CHANGE your life? Are you ready to be ALL that you really are?

If you feel you need help moving forward maybe a Soul Reading and Clearing will help. You can read the testimonials and feel into it. I look forward to working with you if you feel the call.

So much love from Paula at Theholographicsoul.com