A quick process to start claiming your power back.


At this point in time there is a great battle going on. The negative forces holding our power and running this world are loosing their control and they don't like that very much.

More and more people are waking up and taking control of themselves and their energy. The more we take the time to claim our energy body back the more power and vital force energy we have to create with. 

This is something to help break free and start claiming your energy body and power back. If you say this every day and you put it out there under Universal Law that this is what you command for yourself you will start to free yourself. Remember your words hold creative power and we can use words to help direct our Divine Will.

UNDER UNIVERSAL LAW…. I now choose to let go of anything that no longer serves me and all that has bound me!! I choose to remove the veil that has been hiding my Divinity and expand into a paradigm that reflects Divine, Love, Light, Truth, Power and Abundance. 

I reject all falsehoods, control and manipulations over me and command all negative imprints and programming to be removed from me replacing it with the upgraded information of Divine love and I command I do not allow any fake light Being or any other negative energy, entity, Being, technology or frequency to attach to or interfere in any way with myself on any level.

I now choose to reclaim my greatness, sacredness and full spiritual powers and take full responsibility for the creator that I AM….

I command my subconscious, conscious and superconscious to be fully in alignment and working together towards my highest path and purpose.

I choose to let go of all that no longer serves me and step out of the pain body that had kept me trapped in this illusion. I now choose to free myself and step into who I really am and to gift that into the world in all my greatness. 

It is my birthright to live and BE in my power and to live in balance with all that IS… 

And so it IS….

If you need some guidance and support then you may be interested in a Soul Reading and Clearing with me and at the moment Im giving away a FREE assignment of polarity blueprint worth $150 with every soul reading and clearing. I think the assignment of polarity is such an amazing tool to navigate into alignment and to have a clear map of what we came here to master.

So much love!!!