6 Energetic Steps to Manifesting the Life that you want

The seed or idea is the first step in the process of manifestation. It is the idea that inspires you. And just like a seed, within your idea or dream lies the plan for its perfect unfoldment if we are open to the flow of its creation…

Sometimes we have a vision or dream that makes our heart sing with excitement but when we think about the finished creation it’s so big that we feel it’s out of reach so we don’t do anything about it. 

If you think of your dream or idea as a seed and then think of the beautiful big tree that a tiny seed can grow into and understand that we create in the same way things become easier to move towards…

So here are 6 energetic steps to manifesting the life that you want.

1) Your dream, vision or idea is a seed with FULL potential to grow into a fullgrown, blossoming reality but first you have to take that seed and plant it in fertile soil. Your mind is the soil, so make sure you have cleared the weeds in your mind that could hinder that seeds growth so it is capable of producing abundant soil for that seed to grow (we do that by cleaning up our mindset and negative though's).

2) Then you must water that seed in order for it to grow. We do this to our dreams and ideas by watering it with our energy. Every time you think of your dream or idea in a positive way, you are energetically watering the seed. The more love and joy you hold as your thinking about your idea or dream then the more energetic water you are flowing onto your seed. (Remember one of the laws of the universe is where your attention goes your energy flows).

If you need help setting intentions that manifest you can watch my video here.

3) Tend to your seed. This means taking daily ACTION towards looking after your seed or vision. This is done with daily steps no matter how big or small. Simple things like writing out your vision or plan, creating a vision board, researching ways to create it or just spending time thinking and feeling you dream becoming a reality all count as steps forward in the germination process of your seed. BUT don't spend years researching and kidding yourself thats taking action! REALLY take action but in alignment to where you are in the seed planting stage.

At the start its through giving time to play with it in your head and then its taking the time to map it out on paper so you can play with it some more as a daily thing, but after a few weeks you should be taking more aligned physical action like making phone calls to clarify things so your clearer on things you need to do, or cleaning the spare room and getting it ready for your home office or massage room or maybe mapping out the course or book your going to create, whatever your steps are to make your dreams real. (so ACTION right, its a step in the manifesting process you can NOT miss).

4) Treat your seed as sacred. This means not sharing your dream/ vision or goal with others who will not support you 100% with being the creator of your reality. If people don’t understand that they have 100% power to create their reality, they will only tell you why you CAN’T be the creator of yours and therefore they will try to convince you of why your seed will not grow (this is because their mind and heart are full of sleeping seeds that have not had a chance of growing in a overgrown garden (mind) full of weeds that block them from seeing the endless possibilities that are waiting to be created).

5) Faith.. This is very important for the growth of your seed (dreams) and it acts as super powered fertiliser. Just as the seed that needs to fight its way through the soil before you see the first signs of growth as the tiny shoot first pops its head out of the soil, your dreams and ideas too have a germination period where you can not see the growth its making under the soil. I see so many people give up on a dream just as its about to show its self in a physical form but they give up and pull back their energy and therefor the life force that has sprouted the seed so it no longer can grow and then dies.

Your dreams or goals also have a germination process where you will not see the growth at first but if you keep watering the seed with focused passion and action and hold faith that it is growing (even if you cant see it's growth straight away) then you will one day feel and see the first signs of life as it pushes its way out from under the soil into a physical form you can see. Hold your faith.. 

6) Once you see and feel the growth, you must then treat it as a small plant. Nourish it through movement and action and the light in your heart is the sun it needs to grow stronger and stronger, so keep your passion for it alive.

Just like a massive tree, it was once a tiny seed. Your dreams are the same, one day you will be sitting in your dream and realise it is no longer a dream but your reality. Not because you were lucky, but because you were a good creator with an energetic green thumb..

So what seeds are you planting? The possibilities are endless……

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So much love