Why hard times are part of the shift we are going through

Why hard times are part of the shift we are going through

The intense frequencies that we have been facing are showing us that nothing can hide anymore. Have you been seeing and feeling the parts of your life that need to change? A lot of people finding me at the moment are feeling the need for big changes because they are in pain from feeling so limited when they feel they have something amazing inside them but they can't tap into it. Its a very painful place to be in when you know your here for a reason but you just don't know what.

That pain is getting too much for some right now as the frequencies are pushing us to rise into our true creative potential as full creators. Its doing this by making us face all our pain and wounds so we can release it all from our cells and allow more Vital Force Energy into our body and cells so we have more creative power.

The more Vital Force Energy we have the higher our vibration and the more creative power you have to play with in manifesting what you want. So its important we understand that hard times are part of it and its giving us the choice to face it and heal it.

Its time to really listen to our body, heart and soul right now as this process we are in as a collective is getting very interesting. We are not only forced to face ourselves on many different levels but we also have to navigate through other peoples stories and dramas as we all birth our shit so we can heal and bring balance and healing to our planet.

So keep this is mind when faced with drama...

There is always two sides to a story and both sides will ALWAYS hold a different perspective....... 

SO this means that every negative story you hear from another person about another person is likely to be made up of 50% truth and 50%personal perspective based on that persons shit. 

Negative things said about another can create long and deep damage on many levels.. Places like Facebook brings another level to this all due to the ease of words been typed without ever seeing the damage on the other end... 

The realness to it all is the amount of people ending their life right now... Its getting REALLY hard to navigate these energies, we all know that BUT for some its too much... 

So be super mindful of your words, even when they are from behind a computer as we never really know what someone is going through or experiencing.

If your someone who is struggling, be mindful of the illusions behind the social media platforms that can make you feel not enough when looking into other peoples lives (remember a lot of it is fake and just for the camera). So if your having a hard time with these changes we are going through and your in a negative state then keeping off social media platforms will help. Start putting that energy into learning something new or being in nature as these are the things that will support you.

I work with some who are at the end of their rope and don't want to be here any more.... Its why I started this tribe... To bring back the life rope we all need some times while we find our way back to our core.

We all need to be looking out for this within our families, friendships and communities.. Sometimes just a deep heart felt smile is enough to keep someone here for another day... 

So the best thing to do is to REMEMBER that we are ALL on a journey and we ALL fuck up at one point or another SO maybe its time we give each other a helping hand and to make sure our words are kind as we may just be the person who helps someone want to be here OR the person who gives them another reason why they don't want to be here...

This doesn't mean keep people in your life who treat you bad, but the way we do it can be done with as less crap as possible. 

Lets all just try and remember we are in a massive shift, and that we are all in a massive healing and growing process. If someone was a dick head to you 5 years ago, it doesn't mean they are still a dick head now. We are all changing and learning so fast right now so I think if we allow each other some growing room we will grow better together and faster.

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I LoVe hearing from you so please leave a comment if anything helps. It helps me to keep sharing. 

So much love