How to shift feeling alone, trapped or other uncomfortable emotions quick and easily.

There are so many people out there feeling trapped and alone. Is your Soul screaming inside of you but your not sure what its saying or what to do?

I want YOU to know you are not alone.. This is not the time to give up faith or trust that you came here to do something amazing.. We are going through massive energetic changes and the pain you are feeling is the frequencies raising your soul vibration in order to break the shell of your conditioning and to allow you to release anything holding you back from being who you really are at Soul level, not who you have been conditioned into being.

We are being pushed to break free from the pain of this illusion of separation and to step into higher versions of ourselves as we are on the tipping point of a quantum leap. This is why so many sensitive people are feeling so alone right now as we have to shift the old stories of separation within our own conditioning before we can come together in a way that is truly of service to each other and not just ourselves. 

Its also forcing us to tune in and REALLY listen to our hearts and Soul, and we can no longer ignore that deep feeling we are here for a reason.

I want to share with you a healing process that helps me when Im feeling alone or anything else coming up and I hope this helps you.. If you do this every time you feel sad, angry, disconnected, depressed or alone you will start to feel a connection that will help replace those feelings with feeling connected and supported. It's through connecting to the earth that we are able to open ourselves up to our connection to everything including our inner wisdom.

Give it a try… I would love to hear how you felt doing this in the comments below.


Go outside and take your shoes off.. Feel yourself connect to the Earth... Open.. Feel.. Embrace.. Breath.. give gratitude for anything you can think of, even if it's just to the earth for always being their.. and then remember a time you felt most empowered.. Feel into that feeling as you connect to that experience and really see or feel yourself in your power. Look at how you held your body, the way you talked, dressed and feel on the inside.. Feel into your mind set that you had going on and feel into your trust, faith and knowingness... Take a moment to breath that all in. (This reactivates your cells and they remember that feeling of being happy and vibrating with personal power so you can trip yourself back into that vibration).

Now take a few deep breaths and become the strength of a beautiful big tree while holding onto that vibration of you in your power.. Feel your roots are deeply planted into the ground, feel your roots going into our mother Earth and allow these energies to surge up from your feet into your body while holding onto your vibration of you in your power. Allow these energies to align and integrate with each other and keep breathing in that power of alignment. (This is a good way to bring higher frequencies into our body and grounding them so we become balanced and we help the earth at the same time). 

Let this energy release all the negative emotions and experiences that have been negatively defining you. Feel the energy washing them away..Breath deep and then say..

Under Universal Law I command I do not allow any fake light Beings or any other negative energies, entities, Beings, technology, people or frequencies to attach to or interfere in anyway with me on any level... and so it is.

With the power of Divine Organic Light, Divine Love and Divine Protection I now release all negative emotions, energies and people who no longer serve my highest good.

I call apon my higher self to come be with me in this moment, to hold me and guide me in this moment in time.

(breath deep for a few minutes and feel this energy flowing through you and embody that feeling of love)

(Then say)…. I now seal this energy around and about me as I connect to my higher self and ask this energy to strengthen my aura including the Etheric, Astral, Mental and Causal body..

I now request that all harnful portals, gateways, channels and access points are all safely closed down and that this healing is complete… Thank you Thank you Thank you….

Then breath and know you are LOVED!!!!!!!

So much love!