We have some more big energy coming.. Its time to be fearless when dealing with our inner world.

Ride the waves~~ there is more big energy coming and its going to stir up more of our shit that no longer serves us. 

Its going to bring up what we have held on to and push us to do everything you we afraid of facing.

So now it is time. Time to deal with it all and this is my advice on how to do a energetic clean up before you get swept away in the storm.

Embrace all that you are and breath out ALL of what you are NoT and ALL of what you want to release from your cells.

Shed like a snake so you can transform into more of who you really ARE without old stories, wounds and old pains and without blaming others for your story or the wound you have chosen to carry for all these years.

If your feeling lost then make it your mission to tune into your Soul. Its the only path to the Divine doorway and only YOUR heart has the key to that door.

Behind that door is what you seek… and their are NO short cuts.... 

Don't be afraid of feeling something and traveling into it... go into the pain, go into the fear and find the root of it.

Ask for the powers of Organic Divine light and Organic Divine healing to safely release, detach and remove all negative attachments and connections to that emotion, pain, person or situation . 

Say that you CHOOSE to free yourself and choose to live and BE in your power!!

Then breath it out, pulling it from the roots...knowing you can choose to let it go NOW....

Make sure you state before doing any energy or healing work that 'Under Universal Lae I command I do not allow any fake light Beings, or any other negative energy, entity, Being, technology or frequency to attach to or interfere with this healing in any way, and so it is".

This way you can make sure that you are receiving the right help from behind the Veil. 

You are loved and surported more than you know. If you need some guidance and support then you may be interested in a Soul Reading and Clearing with me and at the moment Im giving away a FREE assignment of polarity blueprint worth $150 with every soul reading and clearing. I think the assignment of polarity is such an amazing tool to navigate into alignment and to have a clear map of what we came here to master.

So much love!