I do not consent to my freedom being taken away!

We are in a spiritual war right now!

Around the world the truth is being suppressed and censorship is trying to keep the truth buried.
If you want to keep your head in the sand then when your rights are all removed and you are living in a nightmare, it's going to be too late.
A EXPERIMENTAL cocktail is being used as a weapon and it's coming for you and your children.
None of this shit makes sense and yet the masses are so hypnotised by the program that they won't see it till it's too late.
If you DO see it and FEEL it, then staying silent is consent.
This is going to get really crazy very fast, so turning away is not an option unless you want to look in your children's eyes in a few years time and tell them you did nothing to stop the new world order take over.
Fuck social media with everyone posting 'my life is great' photos while we loose our freedoms and sovereignty bit by bit and then yard by yard because it was too hard to face the darkness plaguing humanity.
Fuck people who want to judge me for fighting for our freedoms to live in a world where we are able to make our own decisions on what goes in our bodies and in our children's bodies. 
What good is 'not rocking the boat' if the fuckin boat is sinking and yet the people in it are convinced the boat is safe.
I will NOT consent and I will fight to my last breath to leave this world a better place for my daughter!
Im blown away at how many people are just silent.