Im giving away a FREE $150 gift and I want to tell you why…



We are going through a massive shift of consciousness on this planet right now! You would have to be completely asleep to not notice how fast we are changing as a person, as a country and as a planet. Change is all around us at a rapid rate and nothing really feels stable.

Part of what we are facing right now is a process that the spiritual community or ‘lightworkers’ and ‘star seeds’ call ‘shadow work’.

This process takes us into our inner word to find our gifts by facing our shit!

It’s a process that allows us to birth all the crap from our past from this lifetime and past lives. We live in a world where we are shown what we ‘should’ look like, BE like, dress like and even want. Many people feel lost and have no idea who they truly are.

This is why this process is so important. If we don’t discover who we really are then we turn to things outside ourselves to validate who we are and to give us power and love. This leads to then having to do things out of alignment to who you really are in order to continue getting that validation, power or love, or trying to control everything and everyone around us in order to keep our food source of validation, love and power.

When we start tapping into who we really are at Soul level we can start to see story lines that weave through our lives and may even weave back further into our parents lives. We may start to see the same theme playing out in our lives that our mother had playing in hers.

This is why I love what I do! I find it fascinating how energy works and it’s so amazing to help people pull back these layers that keep them from knowing their own Divinity, gifts and power.

So I decided to give away a FREE Assignment of Polarity Blueprint worth $150 with every Soul Reading and Clearing OR Comprehensive Chakra Reading.

I know that a Soul Reading and Clearing with me will help you pull back the blocks and restrictions holding you back from stepping more in alignment to who you really are and came here to BE. It will help you understand who you are at Soul level as well as the things blocking you from accessing those parts. Deep inner work that will help you expand in these massive times of change.

Then to help with getting into alignment with your Soul’s purpose by understanding your shadow I wanted to give you a FREE gift to take you on a journey from Student Path to Master Path so you can have a clear road map to really change your life.

The Assignment of Polarity Blueprint is designed to help you see why you may be facing issues in your life and what your Soul is here to get from those experiences. It helps you understand your gifts within those experiences and how to turn them into your superpower. 

If you would like to read what others say about a Soul Reading and Clearing and working with me you can check out some testimonials HERE.

If you have already had a Soul Reading and Clearing with me then a Comprehensive Chakra Reading will give you a comprehensive overview of your energy system on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

This reading will let you know where your focusing your energy currently and where to focus in order to correct imbalances.

You will be able to SEE what’s going on in your energy body based on your intentions, mind, emotions and actions on every level.

It is a guide to help you become more in alignment to who you really are, because when we balance our energy body we are able to tap into and fully express our Divine Selves and we have enough vital force energy to become the Creator we really are.

AND to top it off you also get the FREE Assignment of Polarity worth $150 as a gift.

We are in such exciting times but the inner work can also get very hard and it can be very lonely if you don’t have the right support. So if you feel like you need some help and you feel your Soul saying YES to my work, then I look forward to taking this journey with you.

I am sending SO much love.. Paula from