Is television bad for you?



How many people do you know that get up every morning to go to a job they hate or dislike and then come home and put their feet up, turn on the television and watch a program?

Why is that a problem? Well because….

When we do something that doesn’t bring us joy it means that it’s not in alignment with our Soul and this creates an energy drain within our energy system. Once we start leaking our energy we have less to use to create what we want in our lives.

When we turn on the television we are turning on something that is designed to tell us our vision (television= tell a vision). Its designed to brain wash you into aligning with the vision or agenda of the powers who run the fake show.

The ‘programs’ you watch on television are designed to ‘PROGRAM’ you! Most programs are based around drama, sex and violence. No wonder our world is full of drama, sex crimes or sex addictions and lots of violence.

Our thoughts create our lives as they are responsible for the quality of our emotions, choices, and actions. When we hold a positive thought we create a positive emotion and then that follows through to positive choices and actions. That is also true for negative thoughts, as they then create negative emotions which can lead to negative choices and actions.

So imagine what is going on in our minds as we take in all that drama, sexual perversion and violence. We are imprinting our minds with negative information just by watching the news alone, and I bet most people who watch a lot of television don’t even feel the impact of all that imprinting because they have become numb to it due to the high exposure. This is the process of desensitization, a process designed to make you less sensitive and as the dictionary say’s “make (someone) less likely to feel shock or distress at scenes of cruelty or suffering by overexposure to such images”.

So it’s no wonder we allow so much war, violence, rape, drama and craziness to continue, because most of the world is in a numb, unattached state to anything outside of their own experience.

The television is designed to put out a frequency that puts you into a slight hypnotised state where you are then in a receptive state to imprint or ‘program’.

There is lots of information about that on the internet but my point to all of that is.. most people are not creating because they are plugged into the fake Matrix as worker bees. They keep working to pay for all the things they are ‘programed’ into wanting in order to keep them working!! The rat wheel.

You are a very powerful creative Being that is here to create not work! But we have been brainwashed into giving our power away so we can be used as worker bees. When you wake up and get out of the trance state you start to tap into a more powerful force within you. This power is your creativity, your intuition and your imagination. These three superpowers combined is the secret key to unlocking your gifts and full potential as a Creator Being. It is this energy that you are just giving away if you watch ‘the box’ as it’s very commonly called, and what a very appropriate name for something that keeps you trapped in a box.

So if you are looking to find your true path and purpose in this lifetime you may want to turn off the television and start doing something creative. Don’t turn to Facebook to fill in the gap as that is just a distraction tool to keep you from tapping into your creative power.

Draw, make something, write a blog and get your wisdom out, just anything to get the creative juices going. My thing is to make dreamcatchers as a way to create with my hands when I feel like relaxing and switching off from all the energy healing work I do.

I also use it to unlock any blocks I might face when putting together a course or facing something I can’t find a solution to. If I feel blocked then I know I need to focus myself on something creative that does flow because once I start weaving the dreamcatcher I open myself back up to the creative flow and then I find I have many ideas around the block I was facing earlier.

The more we use our creative energy then the more it flows and opens up our intuition and imagination. The more intuition and imagination you tap into the more creative power flows through you and you will no longer be ‘working’ because you would have unlocked your creative gifts and that’s when you no longer work, you just create and you turn that into income.

If your new to giving up television in order to spend your time creating then all you need to do is focus on what brings you joy. If that’s colouring in, or cross stitching, arts and crafts, wood work, making music or anything else, the aim is to enjoy in so you open up to more creative possibilities. The more you take the time to create, the more ideas for creative self -expression you will have. This is how the path unfolds, and before you know it you will have a million creative ideas that you could start creating an income from. The next step is to have the courage to make that your reality.

Don’t die with a dream in your heart! Your time here in a physical body is short and time is something money can’t buy, so use it wisely. Create a life that fills you up by creating like you are designed to you.

Happy creating!!!! So much love from Paula @