It's Time to Shine Who You Really Are

We have been conditioned not to shine too bright, not to stand out of the crowd …. It's time to pull that program and SHINE!!!

When others shine around you it doesn't take anything away from your LiGhT.  In fact it means we get to power each other up so we can transmute the darker more heavier energies on the planet and create something more in alignment to who we truly are and what we truly want. 

I know what it's like to feel like your here to do something BIG and AMAZING but you don't even know what your gift is so the pain of it all keeps you from even taking any action. 

I know what it's like to finally find my gift but then get caught up in the 'trying to earn enough to get by' kind of life.

I NOW know what it's like to find a different way to look at my life and how to create a life from what's in my heart and how to move through the big ass resistance that comes up when expanding and increasing my energetic set point. 

To move towards our dreams and our purpose you would think would be easy RIGHT?... WRONG!

In fact it can be the most painful and scariest time in our lives when we are creating and manifesting something so big for ourselves or moving towards our purpose.  Even if it doesn't make sense to the outside world, or we don't fully believe we can do it - but it's just too painful not to try.  The pain of it being out of our energetic frequency for so long can be so frustrating that it can make you want to give up. It can make you think it's because your not good enough or there is something wrong with you because others can do it, but you can't seem to.

But there is nothing wrong with you, we are all just learning new ways of manifesting in a very different world right now. It doesn't look that different in the flesh but energetically we are in such a different world.

There are new opportunities that we have never seen before, and its super exciting. The universe needs us all now to be living into our bliss. We need to raise the frequency of the planet by doing what makes us fully come alive every day and want to yell out FUCK YES!! I'M ALIVE and living by bliss!!!!

Imagine if we all got to live this, if we all got to live into our greatness.  Some people don't believe this is possible but I fully believe in every cell of my body it's not only possible but it's who we are evolving to be as we go though the metamorphasis as Humans right now.  

Now even when what we want is finally being drawn to us because we are now holding that frequency enough to draw it to us, it can also be painful and get a bit wild energetically as our energy body expands. 

You can almost feel the energy swirling around in your inner vortex and this can create mini cyclones within your own energy body as well as within your relationships and family units (yep it can be the shit storm before the transformation) sometimes when expanding in a big way. Knowing this can really help avoid drama as we expand through these set point freak outs.

This is sometimes the reason why some people stop moving forward towards what they want. They think that all this shit showing up must be a bad sign. ITS NOT! Its actually a good sign that your clearing out the old to expand and be able to hold and receive more. The trick is to not let it distract you from moving forward towards what you DO want.

Your mind or ego will want to keep you safe, so expanding is not on its agenda.  In order to expand and make your dreams your reality, you need to know how to deal with this part of yourself or you really wont get far. I encourage you to get to know how to deal with this part of yourself so you can move beyond safety and into a life of frickin' amazing!!!!

I have an awesome course coming out soon where I will be going more into all of this from an energetic level and how to turn your pain into your message and create an amazing life for yourself just being you and sharing your story and lessons. 

You really are here for a reason, your story does matter, and you really do deserve it all. Massive love to you.