Life lessons and what are they?

Im asked a lot about 'life lessons' and thought I would share what I know about them through my work with the Akashic Records.. 

When we incarnate into this 3 Dimensional experience our Soul chooses for itself one primary life lesson and several secondary life lessons. We call them 'lessons' but in fact that are more like themes because 'lessons' suggest we are here to learn and grow from good and bad things happening to us, when really your Soul is already Divine and dose not need to 'grow'… Therefore, our 'lessons' are more like themes through which our Soul wants to experience itself in this lifetime.. 

These themes are created with both negative and positive Karmic consequences as well as the Soul's desire for authentic self expression… When our Soul chooses a theme or lesson to experience there is a positive and negative polarity that could come from that chosen experience BUT we decide which polarity we manifest, through choice… So if your feeling a common thread that is running through your life, this could be your chosen life lesson, but if you replace it with the word 'theme' it will help you see it is just a choice of yours how you would like to experience it.. 

If you are experiencing your 'theme' on the negative side of the polarity then know that it is just some changes in choice that will flip you over to experiencing the positive side of that experience… We are the creators of our experience, and I know its hard to swallow at times, i truly get that… BUT the more we take responsibility for our choices then the more power we take back and then the more power we hold to create what we DO want… 

This years frequency has already stepped up and is going to create a lot of instant manifesting so its a really good time to stop and think about what side of the polarity your on with all the different themes running through your life.. Take the time to write them down and come up with positive choices that will bring you into alignment with what you really want to experience.. 

When I do a Soul Reading and clearing for clients I map out their life lessons or themes using the Akashic records, so contact me if you need some help with this in your life.. This is a year of massive change and I am here to help if you need it..

SO much love to you as we journey through these energies together…  Paula from