March Energy 2017 (We are standing between two worlds)

At this point in time we are standing between two worlds, one holds the old programming and conditioning and the other holds new keys to a new way of being.. Many people are wanting out of the old paradigm but don't know how to access the new.. 

Through my work I see that the only way out of the old is to cut the cords that hold you and lock you into the old. This means being deeply honest with yourself, asking your heart and soul 'what do you want' and then having the energetic balls to not only listen but to act. 

There are many excuses we can make for ourselves, and that’s ok if you want to stay chained to this old way of living BUT if you truly want to step into a new energy that is waiting for you then its time to do the hard work, its time to take a leap of faith and start listening to what your soul is screaming out for…

If we really knew how lucky we are to be here in this moment in time, and if we really knew how powerful we were, we would just stand up and fly, but unfortunately we have had our minds programmed for such a long time that most people just can't see… 

The first thing to do is turn OFF your T.V, stop allowing the programs to program you!!! The mindless crap is a distraction from you even tuning into yourself because your tuning into a program (do you SEE)??? Start honouring yourself, find ways to express your true self, walk in nature with bear feet and connect to this beautiful earth who is alive and holds the codes to the truth of who you are… 

Stop putting on masks and mirrors because this just keeps you further from your true authentic self. It is not easy, I know that but if you don't do it now its going to get even more painful… The veil that holds this illusion up is getting very thin and soon we will all see the truth behind it all, but this also means we will see the truth behind each other.. 

There will be no place to run or hide. Your job, bank account, looks and words will not be what people will look at, it will be your vibration and heartspace… are you ready for the world to see the truth of who you are? 

There is a massive wave of people who are ready for this vibration to go up and they will be there to hold the hands of others who are freaking out, but its not the best way to do it, do the work now while its less painful.. 

Ask yourself what it is that blocks your true joy, don't blame others or circumstances because you choose each one. Every thought and action in THIS moment creates the next moment and YOU have the power of choice in every moment. What are you going to choose today, in THIS moment that will create a better future for yourself and others? 

There are so many people ready to help… reach out, ask for help… its time to change this fucked up reality that has been stealing our power for way to long, convincing us that there is no other way… There is a new way waiting for us… all we have to do is have the courage to take back our power and that means knowing who YOU are!!!! 

Remember who you are!!! You are an amazing, powerful spirit who was born to shine and your just having a human experience!!! So why not crack the shell and create some magic.. Its waiting for you!!!

And remember that under Universal Law, everything you put out you WILL get back. This means every thought, every word, every action… Clean up your thoughts!!! Sending psychic arrows and knives to people means you poison your own energy body.. Every negative word and thought you put out is creating your world to be more toxic and there is no escaping it.. 

So lets change the world, one thought at a time and lets clean up this negative energy that we have all created.. There is no other way, no ones coming from out of space to save us… we are the ones we have been waiting for!!!! So lets get off our ass and start creating it NOW

The work I do offers one way to help dig deep into your Soul history and clean up the past so you can free yourself of deep blocks and restrictions but you have to be ready to take the leap forward, ready to create a new way of seeing and being…

The frequencies are going to step up really soon and if we are not ready it could get painful having to face the parts of ourselves we have been running from. We will all be forced to face ourselves.

Its amazing what can be holding us back, the tricks and deception we have been subjected to for lifetime after lifetime is insane but we have agreed for it to BE so NOW is the time to stop these energies from running the planet, poisoning our water, food and oceans… Now is the time to say NO, we deserve something better and we command a better future for our children!!!! Now is the time for us to reclaim our birthright and our Divinity…. Cant you feel your Soul calling a better life forward for yourself?? I can!

SO much love to you!!!!!!