Negative Entity Removal & Why It’s an Epidemic

We Live In a Reality of Duality!

There are currently more entities present on earth than incarnated souls. This is a problem because in order for these negative entities to survive they need to draw on vital force energy from incarnated souls like you and me.  

We are facing an entity epidemic due to the amount of negativity on this planet right now and the amount of people who are in a state of pain or suffering on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


The pain and suffering felt within the human experience due to the disconnection from the truth of who we are at soul level has allowed many people to not only become human hosts to negative entities, but also help birth them into creation through constant negative thoughtforms that become so powerful they become independent thoughtforms (entities) that are programmed with the thoughts that created them.

Attaching entities are the biggest cause of human suffering and illness and it is mind blowing how common it is.

A positive entity is not trapped here, and it receives its energy from source; but a negative entity must attach to someone or hang around a certain place where it can receive vital force energy.

We live in a world of duality, light and dark, and we are also told by science that E=Mc2. Everything is energy, and that includes us too.

This is why learning how to navigate both the light and dark spectrums energetically is SO vital if we want to wake up from this slumber we have been in.  Then we can actually remember who we are and the truth to our universe.

We have millions of open energy pathways that are open from choices we made over lifetimes. These energies and entities have been using these open pathways to live and operate within the shadows of our collective and individual consciousness for so long that we have many attaching mechanisms allowing this to continue.

So, it’s important to know that none of us are completely clear yet. We can have entities attached so deep within our inner universe that it could take years to dig them out. These energies can lay dormant for lifetimes and its only when we start peeling back the layers that they get woken up and then activated enough to come to the surface for removal.

Those who do the shadow work peel back these layers faster and usually go through many inner deaths and rebirths. In this process they fight these inner demons and other entities as they surface to be dealt with, along with negative programs, karmic contracts and everything else hiding in the shadows after lifetimes.

So, becoming fully sovereign is a massive process.

Most entities attach to us via the forth-dimension where thoughts and emotions live, it is also where the fake matrix resides and it’s a highly hijackable space to navigate.

This is why entities affect our thoughts and emotions when attached, because they are most commonly attached to the forth-dimensional aspect of ourselves.  This is where our emotional and mental grid framework is and where we generate a huge amount of vital force energy for negative entities to feed off.

Some negative entities can however live in our physical bodies and be found hiding in organs, tissues, muscles and even cells such as viral entities.

Most entities are just energetic, but some can take on form and they are either created within this dimension or use back doors and negative portalways to travel in and out of this reality.

Their agenda is to feed of our vital force energy so we are not able to access our true creative powers and to disrupt this awakening process that is happening on this planet.

The shift we are experiencing right now is waking people out of a deep coma so we can clean up what’s been operating within our own shadows.  It is the opportunity to remember who we truly are and take control back of our reality.

Negative forces don’t want to lose their biggest food source (DIVINE HUMANS)!

So, it’s up to us to remember how energy works and for us to be able to face the darkness so we can start cleaning up ourselves and help others along the way. Learning negative entity and negative energy removal is a vital skill for not only our health and wellbeing, but also for the expansion and evolution of our species and planet.

This is why I have spent the last 10 years documenting thousands of negative entity and negative energy removals from my sessions with clients from all around the world.

With all of my energetic investigations I designed a blueprint for removing negative entities and negative energy and I now teach that in an online course called the Negative Energy Removal Practitioner’s Training via my Holographic Soul Academy.

It’s time we cleaned up the dark so we can rise into the light, but it’s going to take all of the Divine Humans on this planet to DO the work! To face our own shadows as well as the forces outside of ourselves.

Through being brave enough to face the darkness we will find our biggest light!

So much love!