Why is there so much drama playing out in peoples lives right now?


We are in a process right now in this third-dimensional timeline where we are being forced to face our shadows in order to integrate all aspects of ourselves. It hasn't been a easy process but it is very necessary in order for us to purge the past from every cell of our bodies in order to hold more light in our cells to be able to handle the higher frequencies as we move into higher consciousness as a collective.  

Refusing to handle hard situations and emotional issues will affect an individuals physical body, mind and soul and will continue to do so through each incarnation, until that person correctly balances with the situation.

So avoiding dealing with the issues in your life doesn't make them go away, it just puts them on replay over and over. 

The human experience of drama/trauma is absolute necessity for the evolutionary process, motivated by many laws of totality. When a seed is put under pressure and cracks then growth is permitted to begin, and this process occurs in the human experience, and in nature.

Every unit, from the single atom to the galaxy system is "plugged into" a giant switchboard. Each unit has the ability to communicate with all other units through it's own vibrational frequency. This communication system makes it possible for all beings to have psychic possibilities, and to communicate or share information with each other on a psychic level. This ability can be blocked when we hold on to our shit and hide from facing our shadows because we block off the pathways that allow information to flow. 

Nothing in the Universe ever dies, is lost or destroyed, it just changes form. Everything becomes a part of forever. Matter and Energy are never destroyed only transformed or changed. This is why its so important to deal with our shit! Otherwise it will just show up again with different faces or situations. If you have an issue with someone and you think just ignoring them is easier then having a deep, open hearted conversation, then you will find that experience will show up again in different forms. You will miss the gold in that experience and instead just press the replay button.

Every person in your life is playing a role in your movie and at Soul level we all play a role in each others evolution towards wholeness. Sometimes its the person who has hurt you the most who at Soul level has chosen to play that role in order for you to experience something that allows you to birth more of yourself in order for you to expand. 

When we start to look at everything in our lives as a opportunity for Soul healing and growth, then we get to see the keys in every drama or issue that comes up. Its how we think that determines how we act, so the more we understand that we have an amazing opportunity right now to let go of all our bullshit by facing everything that shows up in the most open and loving way then we can move beyond our old stories and heal. 

So look at the issues coming up in your life and write them down, then write next to each issue the best action you could take to address the issue in the most open and loving way. This way you get to end the story from playing out over and over again. Looking at your part in the story, as well as what gold you can extract from the situation allows you to grow and expand from everything in your life instead of brushing another pile of shit under the rug and hoping no-one smells it. 

Our life is the accumulation of our beliefs acted out through action or non action.. Our experiences help shape our beliefs BUT our beliefs create our experiences. You are the living cause and effect of your own thoughts. Nothing changes until we change our mind.

So its time to look at our lives from a higher perspective and stop thinking life is happening TO us, when really everything in our lives is happening FOR us.

So through mastering our minds we become the true creators of our reality.. How mind blowing and amazing is that!!!!!! 

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Sending SO much love as we ride the waves of change!

Paula from Theholographicsoul.com