Why it's so important to nurture and use your sexual energy

One of the most important energies for us to embrace and accept is our sexuality.The cultural paradigm that we are leaving uses frequencies of shame, guilt, and unworthiness to suppress our life force, and to keep us from tapping into this amazing energy that allows us to expand beyond our limiting conditioning. 

When we release the genetic distortions of guilt, shame, unworthiness, and victimization we enter into our bodies and take our power back and we can shine our genuine light, and deprogram others just by existing.

This is when we can start to experience beyond the physical penetration of sex, and step into a deeper more beautiful experience of what it feels like to really make love to someone without all the blocks and restrictions that limit us to a very third dimensional experience and instead opens us up to the sexual healing and creative manifesting power that this energy holds.

Our sexuality is one of the main keys to unlocking the cellular memory of our body and becoming our own healers. As we embrace, express, and accept our sexuality we self generate enough energy to balance and power up all of our chakras.

What it all comes down to is understanding that desire is Divine. Our natural desires are an expression of the Divine. Suppression and repression of our desires is what leads to blockages in our energy body, toxicity in our body, addictions, sexual dysfunctions and feeds the lower frequencies. 

When we embrace and love ourselves, our desires, our needs, our wants, and grant ourselves the gift to just BE we subconsciously allow others to do the same, and attune them to the same frequency of love and acceptance.

Our sexual energy is creative energy and can be used for sex or creating. It is our raw pure potential that if we harness and use correctly we can turn it into manifesting magic. 

You don't need a partner to tap into this amazing energy, and it fact its even more important you keep that energy alive so you keep open your creative pathways and keep your body tuned into the energy of creation. 

Get intimate with yourself and tap into your sexual creative energy and nurture it well, as it is your super power. Use is wisely and don't just give it away because that energy holds important information and it's your Vital Force Energy, so you don't want to be giving it away to people who don't deserve it.

Use it to create with and stoke your own inner flames so your not relying on anyone else to be in charge or control over this very special energy. You are more powerful and amazing than you can imagine so don't let this energy dry up inside of you. Deep self love is vital and deep nurturing of our body will also help open up more sexual energy for us to use and create with. 

Don’t look outside of yourself for conformation of your Divinity.. The qualities that we love in others are actually holograms and reflections of the awesomeness in ourselves. 

SO much love