How do you know if your in alignment?

Most people are feeling the push from the universe, and feel the need to get into alignment so they can step into their full potential and BE who they came here to be.

You may be feeling like it's time to take ACTION~~ you may feel like you need to  make a massive jump into alignment or you may feel like you just need little tweaks.

First we have to remember that all we really have to do to be in alignment is to do what we LOVE and what brings us JOY.  When we do what we love then we raise our vibration and we also raise the vibration of the planet . If we were all doing what we LOVED… imagine the world we would live in.

It starts with US~~~ 

We are the way showers.

We mast lead by example… we must love what we do and it must be in perfect alignment with who we are at soul level.. 

How do you know if your in alignment??

You know by how you FEEL

When your happy and have joy flowing through your veins, your in alignment. When its not, then you may still be in alignment but may have some parts that are not, so you need to feel into what parts feel blocked.. Take the ACTION to unblock them. 

If you are WAY out of alignment with who you really are then this is going to be very uncomfortable but if you face it head on and be brave enough to make the changes needed then you will feel something amazing happen~~ you will start to see the universe open up the path bit by bit.. if you follow the trail, bit by bit with faith~~ that’s when magic happens~~ that’s when you realise you have always been on your path~~ every bit of this we choose. Sometimes we think we have lost our path… but we have always been on it… its just sometimes were sleepwalking and miss the signs or exit posts.. but thats ok because that we also choose.

Sometimes were to busy playing out a archetype such as the victim, the martyr, the outcast, the trickster, the lone rider and many others.. Its really time to stop and be really honest with ourselves.. What role are you playing? What story have you written for yourself through the choices you have made and every thought you have thought?

Its time for all of us to get real… To get honest with ourselves and to stop running away from ourselves by all the distractions that are throw at us to keep us asleep.. This is how they get away with destroying our planet, killing all the animals, poisoning our food, water and sky… This is how they get away with poisoning our minds as they rob us of our vital life force, our creator power to keep us as worker bees just to survive. 

The keys you are looking for you already have… You can change you life by choosing to make the changes needed and by taking action~~~ if not now, then when?? When the frequencies get so painful? You have the keys.. But if you need help remembering then reach out to someone who can help you.. We are here to help each other grow and to help each other remember who we really are and how powerful we really are if we only REMEMBER! 

It can be frickin painful and messy and thats ok because that is the unraveling of all the deep soul trauma we have faced lifetime over lifetime. Its been a long time since the earth was in balance and free from a power that took her hostage. So many around the world feel the call of the earth and want to help return her to that balance and most of us crave it deep down in our Soul and we can feel the importance of this lifetime and this massive quantum leap we are experiencing in consciousness.

The main thing to do is just spend time tuning into yourself, finding your own truth. Feeling into what FEELS right for YOU and just following that no matter what. Let yourself be guided bu the way you feel. To do this we first must form a good relationship with ourselves. We do this by sitting quietly and tuning INTO your inner world regularly. First our minds go into overdrive, but thats where the practice comes in... To dedicate yourself to finding a way to still your mind so you can really listen to your inner voice or soul is the key to expanding into your highest potential and creating a massive change here on this planet that will help generations to come. 

So just by taking the time to sit quietly with yourself you can form an amazing relationship with yourself and then you will really know you can trust yourself and how you feel. You will allow yourself to tap into your soul and make decisions from that place so alignment becomes more and more easy and natural.

You we get more clear on what you want and what makes you feel amazing and this is how you know what your aligning too. We keep doing this every day while making little changes to how we do things and what choices we make and before you know it you will feel more in alignment to who you really are because you will FEEL the flow and ease and joy. 

Don't think alignment is an end destination, as the art of alignment is our creative expression as we truly can align to anything we want (due to free will on this planet) so its more helpful to see alignment as how much amazingness can I let into my life right now. What are the massive changes I need to make and what are the fine tuning parts that need a little tweak to bring in more goodness. 

It sounds so easy but anyone who has taken the healing journey knows its not as easy to always do and we are all in this process of expansion right now so this is our chance to really explore ourselves in a way that our grandparents never got to do. Its amazing how fast consciousness has expanded in 50 years and now its getting faster and faster ever day.

So enjoy the ride as much as you can, even the wild and messy parts. Be kind to yourself and others as we unravel ourselves together. 

If you need some guidance and support then you may be interested in a Soul Reading and Clearing with me and at the moment Im giving away a FREE assignment of polarity blueprint worth $150 with every soul reading and clearing. I think the assignment of polarity is such an amazing tool to navigate into alignment and to have a clear map of what we came here to master.

So Much love to you 

Photo by Chanel Baran Photographics