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6 Energetic Steps to Manifesting the Life that you want

The seed or idea is the first step in the process of manifestation. It is the idea that inspires you. And just like a seed, within your idea or dream lies the plan for its perfect unfoldment if we are open to the flow of its creation… So here are 6 energetic steps to manifesting the life that you want.

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Why self love is one of the most important keys to manifesting the life you want.

We are in a massive shift right now and people are waking up to their true manifesting potential. The issue is that just knowing your a manifesting machine doesn't unlock your manifesting abilities. The reason is because it's not through the mind that we unlock our abilities, its only through the heart. Intimacy = (into me I see), its a process of looking deep within your inner word and getting to know yourself at Soul level. The more we honour ourselves the more codes we unlock within our blueprint and we then recode and bring forward our Sacred gifts. The third dimension has not felt this Sacred energy before, it has only been offered to those who found the pathways of...

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The secret to setting intentions that manifest.

    Have you ever wondered why you can't create the life you truly want? Or why most of your New Years resolutions never really manifest into your reality? We are amazing Creator Beings and yet most of us can't create what we really want.  Thats why I want to share with you my secret to setting intentions that manifest. In the video I will walk you through the reason why I believe most people never get the life they really want, and then the secret that allows us to get into alignment at all levels of our Being so we can manifest our dreams into our now reality.  Once we truly understand its a inside job then you become...

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