2018 is going to be a massive year energetically!


The Earth is increasing her Vibration as she moves through a massive shift on the planet. Part of that process is we are receiving frequencies that can cause a lot of different symptoms such as headaches and body pain, as well as old wounds and issues coming up to the surface to be felt and healed. We can find within these frequency spikes some very uncomfortable moments as our shit is forced up to the surface (sometimes like a volcano). 

These increased energies are raising our own consciousness and it is within these bursts of frequencies and uncomfortable moments that we also have bursts of awareness where we find our greatest gift of spiritual growth. If nothing made us grow the chances are we wouldn't… that would mean we would stay in this negative global mind set that allows depression to be a normal state of being.

One way to handle these increased energies flooding the earth right now is to take your shoes off and walk on the Earth.. Allow your vibration to balance with the Earths vibration, this allowing excess energy to flow through you. Another is to use water, swim, take a shower and allow the water to wash the negative energy that has built up within your energy body to be released.

Your mind is the creator of your experience, think of it like a garden. Go inside your mind and weed your garden, see what seeds you have planted and are planting, what you think about is like the water you fuel the seeds to grow..So if your thinking negative thoughts and having fear run your mind then you are allowing yourself to water the seeds that will grow into your unwanted visions..

If you think about your dreams and how amazing this human experience is that allows you to create and be the creator of your experience, then you start to water the seeds that will grow into your Divine dreaming and soon your garden within your mind will be reflected back to you with what grows into your current 3rd dimensional reality..

Just like a flourishing garden will not grow over night, nether will thinking positive for a week or so, positive thinking alone will not create your visions to become reality… ACTION will…

So making a list of what needs to change and then creating an action list of the thoughts you need to change and then the action you intend to do to back up this new way of thinking. This will start your internal process that will lead you to a more empowered way of being.

Taking aligned action allows your own Soul vibration to increase and this allows the energies of the Earth to help you flourish into your true Divine being that you ARE and will help shake the crap that no longer resonates to your new way of thinking.

Your thoughts are energy and where your thoughts go your energy flows.. That is the Law of the Universe… Remember that you are a spiritual being having a human experience and that this is a choose your own adventure movie and you are the director!!!

Sending waves of love across cyber space as we ride these energetic waves together.. you are not alone… we are all in this together.

So much love from  Paula from The Holographic Soul