Becoming Masters of our minds to give freedom to our hearts.



Quantum physics tells us that the observer affects the outcome of the experiment.. Metaphysical thought further suggests that our intentions create our future… So it indicates that we effect the Holographic nature of our reality. This is where our magic lies.. In our thoughts… We are powerful beings of intention.. When we all truly understand and know this we will understand we not only are responsible for our actions but we are also responsible for our thoughts. 

In my work that I do in the Akashic records I see old programs from past lives still effecting the persons thought processes today in this lifetime.. It is time to get very aware of the programs that run within our DNA coding.. With the hands on healing I do I remove psychic knives, psychic arrows, cords, toxic emotion energies and so much more all created by someones thoughts… 

If we could see the energetic damage we do every day to one another by not being Masters of our minds then we would very quickly start to deal with our emotions and thoughts on a very different level.. We would also understand that when we make a judgment on another or think badly of them we damage our own energetics as we incode our cells with the energetic imprint of that thought. 

Its time to become Master’s of the mind…… so we give freedom to the Heart…. This creates an illumination of the Soul….. And so it is…..

((((SO))) MUCH LOVE!!!!  Paula from