Tips to getting into alignment so you are not effected by others

The closest we can come to another person is when we are both vibrating on the same emotional frequency, because ultimately you are feeling what you feel in this moment through you and your experience and they are feeling it through theirs. 

If two people are in very different spaces energetically, you have two very different worlds going on and much less resonance, between you. In truth, there are as many worlds as people, and those who vibrate at the same frequency or experience will overlap within your world. 

When we engage with others, we share experience and energy on all kinds of levels (verbally or non- verbally) ether good or not so good and we can (consciously or unconsciously) become influenced into the same vibration as the other if were not solidified where we choose to stand in ours. This is why its so important to be fully responsible for our own vibration.

Without being fully responsible by being in our center and exercising our power as a conscious chooser of our own vibration, the Law of Attraction can start to match our vibrational state to a similar resonates to the vibration the other is offering. Not so fun if we have friends and family who are depressed, angry or sad and we have to be around them.

But when we know that the most important relationship is the one we have with Source, the ability to connect in, and trust the inner guidance in the moment can help us hold space for ourselves on many levels no matter who we are around. We become guided via our hearts and higher selves on how to handle these kinds of situations and this transference from others becomes less and less experienced. 

Sometimes we will be guided to simply say our truth directly to another, sometimes we feel to not engage, or a humorous comment arises spontaneously. Sometimes just space to hear the other without a word while holding space for ourselves and just be FULLY present is what we feel we need to do. 

To be free is to honour our deepest impulse in each moment, beyond any expectations and conditioning of how we should show up for another while holding our own vibration. This freedom activates the opportunity for the other to feel their freedom too.. It's a state of mind that translates to a feeling of total expansion and freedom within our heart and Soul. 

We really own nothing to anyone except to connect to our deepest, divine self. Trust and honour what lies alive inside you always, and particularly when another is acting from a place of hurt, anger or lower vibrational emotions. It's better they have the chance to later join us in freedom, then for us to join them in their pain, anger or hurt. Stay in alignment, and call them home to theirs.

This is what it means to be truly responsible for ourselves and our experience as the word responsible means having the ability to respond..

Now in saying all that, I am also in the process of learning this skill. Like most people who find my work, Im really energetically sensitive and empathic so I used to take other peoples emotional states on to take some of that weight off them. 

They would leave the interaction feeling so much better and full of spark and I would leave the opposite and yet when we first started the interaction it was me that was feeling good and full of spark and it was them that was feeling like crap and empty. So after I started working with clients doing one on one sessions I realised that I could not keep this up. I had to find a way to hold my vibration in a way that I could still connect and have compassion and yet hold my vibrational field strong.

So I started practicing being ME more and allowing myself to relax into being around people I found it hard to be around without taking on some of their energetic baggage to process for them.

I am practicing talking my truth even when its really frickin hard.

Im practicing showing up for myself so I can take the creative drivers seat in my life by taking action every day towards what I want to create and experience.

Im also practicing showing up for myself when someone crosses my boundaries  (this ones been a big on).

Im practicing to allow myself to say whatever comes through me at any time even when its out of place or not normal (so im getting out of my own way more and more to allow my inner wisdom to tap into universal wisdom so I can be in the flow). 

All of these things that Im practicing is like energetic weight lifting and it allows us to take more control of our energy matrix because all these little tweaks im making will have massive effects to my vibration.

The more in alignment we are to our truth and who we really are at soul level then the more we can relax and flow with the universe and we are able to get out of our own way to let the universe flow through us to co-create what we really want. Not to mention we vibrate at a higher frequency the more in alignment we are to who we really are so our manifesting super powers are more fine tuned and focused and this creates magic.

So how do you start? 

1) You need to get really really clear on what you want! If you don't know what you really want then how the heck can it show up? Write it down and keep refining it each day (spend at least 15 min getting clear on what you want. Keep digging, you will be amazed how much digging it can take to get down to our core wants.)

2) Write down what you need to do in order to express yourself more authentically and show up as the VERSION OF YOU that you know is really busting to come out and create. I gave you some examples of what Iv been practicing earlier. 

3) Start stepping towards your dreams that you are now clear on (the more you refine your list of what you want in your life and what you want to create and experience the more they will start showing up. You also can now make high quality choices that are in alignment to what you want because now your clear on what you want. 

This is how you tweak yourself into alignment and this is how we become fully responsible for our vibration so we can hold our vibration strong and be fully ourselves and flow with every moment but not take on other peoples energetic shit.

This is true freedom and I think its what most people who come to me for work are looking for. Inner freedom, to BE FULLY OURSELVES so we can activate our FULL creative potential and help create a better world and way for humanity. 

Thats why I love doing soul reading and clearings for people as it clears a lot of energetic weight off and allows the energy body to heal so the person can tap more into their vital force energy and create a more aligned path for themselves. 

When we are FULLY 100% authentically expressing our true selves with no programs and negative belief systems and other crap holding ourselves back from being who we really are then this world is going to be really frickin amazing. Everyone busting out their highest potential as a Divine Creative Being. I hope its sooner rather then latter. Happy alignment to you!!!! 

So much love