How to align yourself to higher frequencies while protecting yourself.

There is a global shift in consciousness happening, I know you can feel it.!! If you would like to tap into the new energies that are on offer at the moment to advance your consciousness and tap into the story you were born to live by reaching your full potential while protecting yourself at the same time, then the following is helpful..

Remember that words hold power, so chose your words wisely and commend control over every part of yourself, but don't get lazy and go back to sleep. Stay focused on claiming back your energy body and then you will have more Vital Force Energy to create with.

The following statement is a good way to start your day....

Under Universal law I (your name) now accept 100% protection from Organic Source. I now take full ownership of my energy body and allow consciousness to elevate my mission of the earth’s advancement. 

I choose to access Organic Universal Source Energy as I order the release and clearing of all energies, interference, thoughts, feelings, patterns, programming and imprinting across all time and space, in all dimensions and levels and all places and planes that are not in Alignment with my Highest Good Now.

These are to leave my body, mind, and energy field Now and forever! Please remove and recycle this energy for the highest good of all.

I choose to release the ties that bind me and I choose to expand outside of time and space to clear and release any energy that is trapped in the past, from the beginning of time until this present moment that is blocking me from moving forward on my soul path fulfilling my soul purpose.

I choose to align myself to the highest path possible for myself in relation to the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical universe and choose to let go of all blocks and fears holding myself back from reaching my full potential. 

I now choose to go forward with strength, happiness and power and align myself to my bigger dreaming. I choose to restore my physical DNA, chakra system, energy bodies, Divine Soul blueprint, karmic files and soul matrix to perfection and allow all upgrades to penetrate my physical body on a cellular level, integrating my spiritual growth into my physicality in order to manifest all changes into my current third-dimensional reality. 

I request that purifying takes place by allowing white light to wash over my body and I now close down all harmful pathways, portals, gateways, channels and access to all other dimensions, realities and people, negative Beings and people, technology and frequencies not in alignment with my highest good.

And under Universal Law I command I do not allow any fake light Beings or any other negative energy, entity, Beings, technology or frequency to attach to or interfere with myself on any level of my being or in any area of my life...And so it is…. Thank you thank you thank you…

So much love to you