We are going through a collective spiritual awakening right now!

We are being forced to face the darkness that has been operating on this planet for a very long time.

We are only just getting a peak of it now in our 3rd dimensional reality but many have been feeling and seeing this playing out for a very long time.

Shit is about to get very real and we are going to be forced to face the dark.

This means we FIRST have to face our own shadows in order to handle the truth of this reality.

If you don’t SEE this playing out right now all over the world then honestly, you are part of the problem and all I can say is good luck to you.

For those who DO SEE IT playing out..

This is the time to do the inner work!

This is the time to get silent in your mind so you can FEEL what your soul is telling you.

Then its time to use your voice to make a difference in whatever way your soul is calling you forward to do.

This is the time to connect with the true Light Source that you are and not to get caught up in the fake white light trap of the spiritual community who tell you ‘how to be spiritual’.

There is no road map to follow, you are already spiritual because you ARE spirit in human form.

There is NO ‘right’ way to be spiritual, you just have to BE YOU!!!

This is why it’s so important you get to know the REAL you right NOW.

The YOU without the programs and bullshit holding you back from your true nature of self.


You see if we are not facing our own shadows AS well as connecting to the light and our souls right now, our children will be left to clean up this mess!

The truth has been hidden from us on so many levels and when the truth comes to the light (AND IT WILL), then those who have NOT faced their own darkness will find the coming years too much to process.

There is SO much LIGHT and LOVE within each Divine Human on this planet and 1 conscious person in their true power and heart is more powerful then 1,000 sleep walkers.

A lot of sleep walkers are not Divine souls, and are here to stop this awakening process.

So, it is up to EVERY single one of us to LIGHT UP THIS WORLD by facing the dark with our light.

When you can SEE the darkness but still hold the Light then you are in a state of neutrality, and that is what transcends duality.

And remember that silence is consent….

Let’s flush the darkness out with our light so our children and their children can live in a free, loving, beautiful abundant world.

So much love to you!