Why self love is one of the most important keys to manifesting the life you want.

We are in a massive shift right now and people are waking up to their true manifesting potential. The issue is that just knowing your a manifesting machine doesn't unlock your manifesting abilities. The reason is because it's not through the mind that we unlock our abilities, its only through the heart.

Intimacy = (into me I see), its a process of looking deep within your inner word and getting to know yourself at Soul level. The more we honour ourselves the more codes we unlock within our blueprint and we then recode and bring forward our Sacred gifts.

The third dimension has not felt this Sacred energy before, it has only been offered to those who found the pathways of the Soul through deep inner work. Now it is available to everyone who seeks to feel this energy run through their Being as they move to a higher form of intimacy within themselves and therefor each other.

Its only through self love that we can unlock our deepest gifts and potential because its the heart that holds those keys and codes. Its through deep inner connection and reflection that we can see and feel the parts of ourselves that hold onto resistance or wounding that in turn blocks our heart from expanding into a deeper knowing of who we truly are.

Its in the deeper cavities of our heart space that our true gifts and wisdom are held and its not until we explore these uncharted parts of ourselves that we are able to tap into the gold that is held in the caves of our Being. 

Instead of watching T.V at night you could be tuning into yourself and exploring your inner world, weeding your inner garden so beautiful things can grow. If you want more reasons to stop watching T.V you could check out my article 'is t.v bad for you'.

Its not a time to be lazy, its time to get super real with ourselves and dig deep within our Soul garden and plant the right seeds that will blossom into the reality we truly want for ourselves. If we don't do this inner work then the same shit will keep showing up because your inner Soul garden has been left to overgrow into a garden full of weeds and bad seeds. The choice is always 100% yours. 

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So much love!!