What are negative energetic portals?

 Negative portals are negative energetic tunnels that allow negative energy, entities and frequencies to come and go through them. They are also used in devices such as negative etheric implants to syphon vital force energy. We can find negative portals open within our homes and on our properties but also within ourselves. 

Now not all portals or portalways are negative, we actually use positive ones all the time because they are energetic doorways that can be used to travel between dimensions, between lives, between timelines, to other astral’s and other places in the multi universe. 

Im going to focus on negative portals open within someone and what that can create for a person. 

We can have negative portalways open within our inner worlds as well as subconscious as well as our emotional and mental bodies.

Let’s look at some of the ways they can be created within our inner world.

These are some of the most common ways negative portalways can open within us but there are hundreds of ways. 

Implants create negative portalways to whoever is running the implant and it is used to harness vital force energy while the implant also runs a program.

• If we have had black magic or any dark arts placed upon us from a past life, this can create a negative potalway to remain open to that lifetime. This can feel like bad karmic debt the person is carrying around, but it’s really just the negative vibrational frequency created by the negative portalway that keeps creating bad situations to keep occurring.

• If we have had black magic or any dark arts placed upon us from this lifetime, this can create a negative potalway to remain open to the person who cast the dark magic.

• We can have negative portalways open within our minds from thinking negative thoughts consistently. This is why some people say they went down a negative wormhole or rabbit hole from reading/ watching/ experiencing some dark stuff or thinking about some crazy twisted situation etc.

When dealing with anything dark or negative, how you use your mind to navigate it will affect your results. Being able to navigate darkness without getting caught in the darkness comes down to your ability to master your thoughts and emotions.

If we have entities attached they can create a negative portalway in order to access vital force energy.

• If we are using certain technology a negative portalway can be opened in order for access. This can happen in certain computer games, in movies and shows, facebook and other social platforms can allow negative portalways to open. Even using mobile phones can allow one to open.

This is due to the internet being a massive energetic web with millions and millions of pathways that we open and close portalways within it every time we use it. We are designed to function this way but certain technology is more negatively blueprinted then others.

Social media platforms like Facebook create negative portalways being opened within people just by going to spy on someone you don’t really like, or are jealous of. As soon as our intentions are not clear we put ourselves in the ‘grey area’  and this is the energy, matched with the ability to connect straight to their page (their energetic space) and this is prime breading grounds needed to open a negative portalway.

• If someone has something happen that creates them to withdrawal inside themselves, deep into their inner world because of some kind of trauma for long periods of time, then negative portalways can open in there and the person could get lost inside their own inner world and find it hard to find their way back out.

This can look like the saying ‘the lights are on but no body’s home’ type of situation, and often leads to some kind of mental illness diagnostics. (This does not mean that all mental illness diagnostics are wrong and its really just negative portalways open inside someone’s inner world and they are lost in there). Although that could be one possibility out of hundreds of possibilities.

-If we have unjustified negative karma from a past life this can create a negative portalway to remain open. This can make someone feel like they are living the same karmic debt over and over.

So lets look at the result in a person:

There are many results that can play out but here are a few:
They can create nightmares (if there are some open to negative astrals or to negative timelines or other places)

Distraction while we are awake such as constant daydreaming 

We can become confused (especially if we have one open to a past life)

We can become emotionally overwhelmed (if we have any open in our emotional body)

We can become mentally overwhelmed (if we have any open in our mental body)

We can find ourselves having negative emotions and thoughts 

We can become irrational or extremely moody that cannot be explained 


Portalways in a person can be present life as well as past life issues. Most negative portalways we can find straight away if you know what you are looking for, but if we have one open deep within our inner world then it can hide deep within the inner world until it is highlighted (so actively creating disturbances) within your field so you can pick it up.

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