What is your Soul busting to do?

What is your Soul busting to do? Do you know what makes you so exited that you would get up every day with pure joy and gratitude to be doing your Souls work?

So many people have no idea what they would love to do.. They find it hard to connect to that part of themselves because we have been conditioned to do what we 'have' to do instead of doing what we 'love' to do.. 

Its drummed out of us in school by having to study hard and even do homework after school, its all about conditioning the human Soul into forgetting who we really are and what we really love to do..

Then its time to get a job and play grown ups by taking on all the responsibly of rent, bills and all the other crap that comes with just surviving. We loose the freedom of self discovery because were to busy trying to survive..

Then they program us with programs on T.V showing us what we should have (thats why they are called programs).. Its to keep us locked into a vibration of survival and not creation..

For some people they DO know what they want to do and create but they hold themselves back from going for it based on old programming and conditioning. Not sure how to make it happen or wondering if they really could do what they dream about..

If you are that someone who has no idea what your Soul is busting to do, one way is to think about what you loved to do as a child.. Did you love to paint, draw, create.. Or were you more into being outside on your bike, exploring and playing sport.. When we start to tune into what brought us joy as a child, we can start to feel into what essence it was that created us to enjoy it so much.. Write it down, no matter how small.. Start a list and try to tap into your Soul to see if this is worth exploring again..

You might write down drawing and you might think 'what am I going to do with that' … Why not start drawing at night, instead of watching T.V.. Drawing might not be your Souls work BUT it might help lubricate the Soul to start talking with you. It might help stimulate your creative juices to start flowing again and you just might have an amazing idea come to you while you tap into your Soul through drawing something cool (even if its only you who thinks its cool).. Do you see where Im going? Its the little things we do that help us tap into our Soul.. If you have been ignoring your Soul for many years then your going to have to encourage the connection through connecting..

For those who know what you want to do…. you have this great dream that you would love to create BUT there are so many things holding you back… DO IT!!!!!! This is the time to bust out your biggest Soul dreaming and to commit to making it happen!! .. I can not tell you how much action plays a part in this all.. 

You can hold a dream in your heart all your life and die with it in your heart.. OR you can say F*K it.. Im going for it.. Im going to find a way to create this and Im going to put energy into it every day… 

You are so powerful.. Your thoughts and words are SO powerful…. Create it in your mind, feel it in your heart… then take action to manifest it into your current reality.. Don't give up, find a way, be brave and hold faith that is is going to happen, as long as you hold it strong in your dreaming…. 

Step by step you can do this!!!!! You can bust out of the old conditioning, and bust into a new way of BEING!!! You can live your life full of joy and creative awesomeness (what ever that is for you).. You can create your dreams one step at a time and each step you take you will be stepping into your true power and that will help you take the next step and the next.. 

And just incase you are wondering what your Soul is really made of then you can check out my blog 'what is your Soul made of' here.

I am sending you so much love as we step into a very intense energetic year that is going to push us all into our greatness.. This beautiful Mother Earth is raising her vibration in order to wake us up from a very long sleep where we have forgotten who we are and why we are here.. 

As she rises her vibration it is going to help raise ours BUT if you are blocked and stuck in victim mode this is going to get very uncomfortable.. I encourage you to tap into yourself now, and to make it your mission to find your mission.. 

Commit to yourself and your own happiness and step into your higher self and start to be the creator you are born to be… YOU CAN DO THIS… WE CAN DO THIS… IT IS TIME TO TAKE THIS WORLD BACK… AND CREATE SOME MAGIC!!! 

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So much love to you!