What is your soul made of?



According to the dictionary the soul is “the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal”. Each soul contains 617 living soul facets at the time or creation and each one of those 617 living soul facets consist of five individual sections.

So you could say it looks like a rough diamond to start with and as your soul evolves and inner enlightenment is developed, the facets become more smooth and integrated.

Over our lifetimes we can lose some of our soul facets if we face severe trauma such as emotional or physical abuse, rape, suicidal thoughts, life threatening injury, extreme drug use or war (just to name a few). This happens because the soul under extreme trauma will try to discharge the negative energy of the event or experience by throwing off the memory contents contained within the facet or facets where the trauma is stored. This reaction creates that facet to dislodge itself and it then becomes lost until it is repaired (sometimes not for lifetimes).

Soul facets can also be stolen using extreme black magic or dark cult practices.  We can also give soul facets away under deep emotional heartache, such as a loved one dying and the person not being able to let go. This can cause a soul facet to be given and although it sounds romantic and beautiful on one level, it’s not a healthy choice at soul level. This is because one soul is now missing important information encoded in the facet given, and the one who receives the facet now has an extra piece that they will struggle to integrate for many lifetimes.

When I work with people who have soul facets missing they always tell me that they feel a part of themselves missing. Soul facet loss is serious because every facet holds important information and each facet has its own necessary function.

If we lose more than 50% of our soul facets our soul cannot maintain integrity and dies. In my work I have come across a few people who have lost close to 25% soul facet loss and their family members brought them to me because they were displaying psychotic and violent behaviour. Although most people I work with have around 1- 5% loss.

According to Dr Gibson who wrote the book ‘The Living Soul’ the average soul can live from twenty-five to thirty-five thousand years depending on it’s ability to regenerative life forces into itself. The more a soul develops itself, the more ability it has to regenerate.

Now remember I said that each soul contains 617 living soul facets at the time or creation and each one of those 617 living soul facets consist of five individual sections. Let’s look at those five individual sections that each soul facet holds.

The first section in each facet- Words hold power by having the ability to affect reality as well as being able to heal and advance a soul. In this section of each soul facet, keys and codes are held that are activated by the thoughts we think and the words we speak. This is why positive people are able to heal faster than a negative person because they are activating the magic within this section of each facet.

The second section in each facet- This section of the facet holds all the information of the soul’s past, present, future and parallel lifetimes. This information is very important as it helps the soul function within this reality by acting as an inner road map. Each lifetime builds upon the next and it’s this section held within each facet that holds the keys to your soul’s path and direction.

The third section in each facet- This section of the facet holds the spark of the universe and it’s this energy that helps our mind, body and soul heal and repair itself. When we injure our body it’s the prima that sparks the healing process. So within every one of your living soul facet is a tiny spark of the universe, how amazing is that! This is just one reason why you are so amazing and powerful.

The forth section in each facet- This section of the facet holds the creator’s name as a frequency. There are many names for the creator energy, God is just one of them but these names are just translated or interpreted via the human brain so it doesn’t matter what you call it. It not only has the creator’s frequency stamped on it but it also embodies the properties of the creator. This frequency becomes more activated the more we align to the light and to love and this is how we activate our creative powers.

The fifth section in each facet- This section is where the soul’s spiritual name is held that was given to that soul at the point of its creation. When the creator interfaces with an individual it will use this name. If this part of the facet is lost it creates a feeling of being disconnected which can show up as feeling deeply lonely, insecure and fear.

If all of our soul facets are healthy then we are able to feel at peace and connected to our unlimited power as the creator we are. We are able to connect with our soul at the deepest level and unlock the most powerful energetic part of our life force and create anything we desire.

This is what most people would call wholeness or fully enlightened and this is why we are in a massive shift right now. We are in a deep state of healing so we can reconnect with who we really are and heal all the parts of ourselves to unlock our full potential and heal the planet in the process.

If you feel something missing and you feel it may be a soul facet and you would like some help retrieving it then a soul reading and clearing could be something for you. A soul reading and clearing addresses many other things as well as making sure all your soul facets are together and healthy.

So much love to you! From Paula @ Theholographicsoul.com