We are third-dimensional beings while in this human body, while our thoughts and emotions are forth dimensional (as we can not see them, we can only feel them), but our Soul resonates in the fifth dimensions and right up to the tenth dimension. At this moment in time we are going through a massive shift in consciousness where we are evolving towards a sixth-dimensional resonance.

A fourth-dimensional Soul will have a Soul vibration rate between 4.0 and 4.9. This means that they are very much just in the 3D and operate in just the physical, mental or emotional side of life. At this vibration they are unable to see or feel there way through the veil that locks them in a box of limitation.

The fifth dimension is where our Soul, the Akashic Records and Spirit guides resides. This is the vibration you need to be in to access your Spirit guides. The Soul vibration must be between 5.0 and above to be in this dimensional space. When a Soul starts to vibrate at 5.0 they begin to pursue spiritual development, they start to become conscious of the Souls evolution and start to dedicate themselves to the path of their Soul.

At 5.5 this takes conscious effort to embody this level of vibration. It means the person lives in a state of consciousness, enough for them to start to peel back the layers of whats holding them back at a deep core level. This type of inner healing is when we start to dedicate ourselves to spirit and start to see everything as a experience and a chance to learn something in every moment good or bad.

Spiritual evolution is accelerating rapidly and we are moving towards a vibration of 6.0 and above. This is the vibration of a New Earth, a new way of being and relating to the world, the universe and each other. This is the place a lot of us are craving and can feel its close but we are waiting for the shift to take us into a higher global vibration. 

It is happening… We are already feeling the frequencies step up, we can see it all around us.
This frequency can be very uncomfortable as it shakes our cells awake, making us feel everything that we have been holding on to.

If you are one of those people who are feeling your shit coming up, please go with the flow.. Don't try and block it and push it back down in hope that no one will SEE.. You are only doing yourself a injustice and making the process harder for yourself.. 

Embrace it and see it as a chance to really see whats trapped in your cells and remember you are not your story, you are not your emotions, and you are not your mind. You are a SOUL and those are only your tools that were given to you to be able to express your Divine expression. The problem has been that we forgot who we really are and gave the mind and emotions the power to run our lives and thats why we live in a world that we do, full of ego, pain and suffering. 

With my work that I do in the Akashic records Iv been mapping the Earths vibration as she slowly increases to wake us from our slumber.. Its interesting to see how she will rise for a few days then back off a little for us to take in a breath, then rise again. Within a few months we will be feeling these higher vibrations for longer.. she will hold them high and they could last for weeks at a time before she gives as a chance to relax and take a breath again. 

For this reason I say…. DO THE WORK NOW!!!! Do it while you have the time to do it gently.. Feel whats coming up for you and then make the changes necessary to bring whatever it is back into alignment with your truth. If you don't like the person you wake up next to… CHANGE IT… If you hate the job your doing but don't have the energetic balls to go after your dream… DO IT!!!!! Now is the time to make it happen!!!! 

Don't feed yourself excuses, just write down your plan and then start taking steps to do it.. Every step you take now brings you closer to your dreams.. If you had taken a step everyday towards your dreams last year imagine where you would be right now? You could be already living it and breathing that vision in your heart.. 

If you don't know what it is you want to create then LOOK!!! Commit to finding it!!!! Why wast your life being depressed when you could be living your dreams!!!! WHY???

If you feel like you need some support in this process I offer a Soul Reading and Clearing for new clients where I not only tell you your Soul vibration but also your Divine Soul Blueprint as well as any blocks and restrictions holding you back from tapping into more of who you really are. If your interested, you can read through the testimonials to feel into if this is for you. 

When you know why your here life becomes AMAZING!!!! And when you have the energetic balls to go after it and create it in physical then that's when MAGIC HAPPENS!!!

So Im sending so much love to you as you travel down your path..