You are ok! We are going through turbulent vibrational times.

~~~~YOU ARE OK~~~~

We are experiencing turbulent vibrational times right now as we move through frequencies we have never felt on this planet before. It may feel like an energetic shit storm to some even if it is just on the outer edges of your reality. 

Some people are feeling really depressed, some feel like they are losing the plot, reality feels super fragile to some as they move though a healing crisis due to so much stuff coming up and others are feeling anxiety and fears from mild to extreme and we can add body pain to that list just to top it off.

Its like we are passing through kind of a vortex of change and its bringing disturbance to shake the shit out of us so we can let go of everything we are not, and step into who we REALLY are. BuT~~ We are Ok~~ You are OK~~ You really are!!

We can access anything via the web these days but it can not replace having someone look in your eyes and touch your hand and tell you that your going to be ok.. The physical component is SO important to our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.. 

So while we are moving through these crazy times its important we stay connected and be that hand to others, but its also super important that YOU reach out for a hand when you need it.. We can not do this alone!

There is so much more waiting for us once we move through our personal pains and wounds, and this is why its so important we face our fears and our inner world right now~ as we are not only clearing and healing our own pain bodies but we are also clearing and healing the collective pains and wounds too.. 

BUT remember that You Are Ok~ and that no matter how crazy shit gets~~ Its STILL going to be OK :)

((((SO MUCH LOVE))))))

Paula from