What is your Divine Soul Blueprint?


We are in a process of returning to our Divine Soul Blueprint and I wanted to just quickly explain what that is…

You can think of the Divine Soul Blueprint as the underlying code or instruction manual that tells our various dimensional aspects how to energetically organize themselves.

It is the Divine Soul Blueprint that determines our body’s physical energy patterns, as well as the patterning of our emotional and mental energy bodies, all the way up through all dimensional aspects of our existence.

The Divine Soul Blueprint not only contains information as to WHAT energetic frequencies are contained within our Being, but how these energetic frequencies are organized.

There is a Blueprint for every dimensional aspect of our existence - because EVERY aspect of our existence is just a denser expression of the energy present at other dimensional levels of existence.

When we are born, our fifth-dimensional aspect generates our fourth-dimensional and third-dimensional Divine Soul Blueprints that reflect all other dimensional aspects.

This is why, when we are born, we must incarnate based on energy patterns, including blocks and restrictions, from past lives, which are part of our Soul-level memory system within the fifth-dimensional Divine Soul Blueprint.

But as we go through life, our third- and fourth-dimensional experiences also lead to the shaping of our Divine Soul Blueprint.

When our third- and fourth-dimensional experiences during this lifetime shape the Divine Soul Blueprint in a way that does not align with our highest path, we consider this a corruption of the codes.

A code corruption is an alteration of the code that does not reflect how the Soul was originally made by Divine Source. Basically, it occurs when we make decisions and take actions that do not express the original Divine nature of our origination.

It means that there is a disruption in the energy flow from Divine Source throughout the blueprint itself, which resonates throughout all dimensional levels of our Being..

SO this is why its SO important to do what we LOVE to do now. If we want to make this shift more comfortable we have to follow our Soul and we do this by using our heart as our compass..

Everything we do today affects tomorrow and if we are going against ourselves we are creating damage on higher levels that will take harder processes to get back into alignment…

EVERYTHING we do or not do effects us so it's super important to stay in alignment and don't go out of alignment for ANYONE or ANYTHING…

If you need some guidance and support then you may be interested in a Soul Reading and Clearing with me where I map your Divine Soul Blueprint and at the moment Im giving away a FREE assignment of polarity blueprint worth $150 with every soul reading and clearing. I think the assignment of polarity is such an amazing tool to navigate into alignment and to have a clear map of what we came here to master.

So much love!