About me

I was born in the desert of Australia in a place called Alice Springs and spent the first 4 years of my life there before moving further north to Darwin which is right up the top of Australia in the tropics. I spent most of my childhood bare foot and outside and only felt happy and alive when in nature. I was very energetic and could hear what people were really thinking even if they were not talking and this confused me deeply as a child, and this is why I felt more a home in nature. 

In my teenage years my family spent a few years in the outskirts of Melbourne where I was forced to wear shoes and live in a house with cement all around. This was a massive shock to my system and I felt very angry and alone through this time as I lost all sense of who I really was. I was so sensitive energetically that being in such a harsh environment away from nature made me close up and shut down and this created deep Soul pain in the most formative years of my life.

As soon as I finished year 12 it didn't take me long before I headed to Queensland to be back in the sun and nature. I had worked out that the cold wasn't good for my Soul as I needed to be outside and bear footed to feel connected and really myself.

I studied psychology and social work at university because I had a deep craving to understand humans but I didn't really find what I was looking for from studying the mind. Thats when I moved on to body work and energy work and this blow my mind at how many answers I found trapped within my own body. 

Thats when I found my Soul home, Kuranda far North Queensland, the place where I felt in full alignment and nurtured in every way. The rainforest was a place where I felt my energy body open and start to heal and I feel deeply in love with its beauty.

I feel in love with living in this magic place where water holes and magic swimming spots were how I filled my day if I wasn't working (which happened to be at the Butterfly Sanctuary) where I would take people on guided tours of the sanctuary while educating them on the magic of butterflies and nature. I also went deeper into body work and studied more in all different modalities.


As you can see from the above photo I was never in shoes and just loved exploring this magic space. I wanted to live as close to nature as possible so at the time I was living in a Tipi so I not only felt fully connected to nature but I also got to travel to many places around the world because I wasn't wasting so much money on rent.


I loved my job at the Butterfly Sanctuary because I was able to take 3 months at a time off to travel. My Soul was calling to experience places like Thailand and Burma so I would spent 3 months at a time exploring and connecting with the people and the land in these places. It was during these travels that a deep remembering of who I really am and what I am here for started to emerge and my ability to read energy like braille became even more stronger.

                                                     (Burma) ^ top and bottom v


                                                     (Thailand) ^top and bottom v

These adventures made my Soul expand and my heart open in ways I never thought possible and changed who I was in so many ways. 

By this stage I had been with my partner for over 4 years and we had decided to have a baby as I felt so deeply it was my time to become a mother. I spend a year preparing my body before we conceived and then in 2007 I became a mother to a little being we called Zoe Rose.

This little being changed me on levels that only other mothers would understand and it blew my energetic gifts into a new level. I felt my ability to tune into another human and to feel their story lines that weave through their DNA so clearly that I could read them like a book. 

I wasn't sure how I was going to use these skills I had and at many points they didn't feel like gifts at all because I found that being around too many people was overwhelming and that being in shopping centres and other public places way to much. I would find myself picking up on way too much information at once and felt the emotional states of everyone around me. I would do body work for people here and there where I would help shift the energy in their body to help clear their mind, body and soul but I knew I had so much more within me that I wasn't tapping into and yet I think I had a lot of fear claiming my gifts and really stepping into them so I would just use my gifts for close friends.

We spent most of our time in nature, only really going into shopping centres when forced to once every few weeks. Zoe grew up almost 100% in nature and loved it.

Around the age of 3 Zoes dad and I seperated and our perfect little family feel apart. It was a massive process to moves from the tipi back into a normal house and to start the journey as a single mum. I was scared as hell and totally guttered because I came from a broken home and thought I would never do that to my child and yet here I was, playing out the same story. 

I went through a massive inner journey as I wanted to know how the same story could be playing out and I knew my lack self love was one of the roots to it all. I wanted to shift my shit so my daughter didn't have to play out the same crap in the life and I wanted to use my gifts of being able to read energy to help others, but I wasn't sure how. 

I loved doing body work and energy work when I felt like it but I didn't want to spend all day, every day working on people as it was draining if it was forced. I really had to feel in the right space energetically before I could work on people in that way and I definitely didn't want to do it day in and day out. I just knew I had more within me to step into. 

Then I discovered the Akashic records, and everything changed for me. Being able to read energy like braille went perfectly with the Akashic records because I was able to access the records (which are an energetic database with our soul history) and read them with ease. 

I went through a massive learning curve once I started working in the Akashic records because I wasn't just wanting to read the good and awesome stuff. You see one of my gifts is that I can also see negative energy like entities, and other forms of negative energy. 

I wanted to help people unplug from the same energy drains that I found attached to me and that meant facing some really dark energy that happens to use humans as a food source. You see we live in a world of duality and that means we have both light and dark. You only have to look around at the state of the world to see what force runs the show. 

I still have to face this energy but over the many years Iv been doing this and over 500 clients later, I have found better ways to face this energy. 

Im so passionate about helping people remember and expand into their original soul blueprint by navigating and clearing the interference we collectively experience at this time that can be blocking us from our own Divinity.

The best and fastest way I can do this is by offering Soul Readings and Clearings where I tap into your Akashic Records so I can read your original Soul blueprint.

I don't just go looking for the good stuff though, I also find anything that is blocking you from living as the Divine Soul that you are. I am not here to give you fluff, I'm here to help you expand and unplug from the fake Matrix that has kept us trapped for so long.

Through many lives we can create all kinds of energetic damage for ourselves. Anything from tears in the energy body, entities, contracts, soul facet loss, portalways that are open, and etheric implants just to name a few.

By accessing your Akashic record I can give you information that will change the way you see the world and yourself. Not only do I find the energy damage but I also map out your Soul Blueprint that includes your Soul Group, Energy Centre/s, Soul vibration, Spirit guides, and many other gifts you bring into this incarnation.

I finally realised I was here to assist spiritual seekers in living their Divine soul blueprint within the human experience. As well as being an intuitive business coach who specialises in working with conscious entrepreneurs to take their dreams and business to a new level while being in alignment to their Divine Soul Blueprint.
Im also really passionate about bring people together who get this stuff and that feel alone in this process we are moving through on this planet. Thats why I created The Holographic Tribe. It allows people to connect and to deeply support each other through these changes we are all facing.
In 2015 I held a tribe gathering in Kuranda where people in the tribe travelled from all around the world to come together. From Turkey, America and  New Zealand just to name a few. We had 10 days together where we got to explore the amazing places around Kuranda and Cairns as well as hold a market day, cacao ceremony and some group healing's I put on.
Photos below~

During those 10 days I also offered a advance Spirit Guide/ healing 3 day workshop to those who had already done my Spirit Guide Course. It was a awesome 3 full days of getting people connected and working with their higher self and spirit guides in order to do some next level healing's. I was super honoured to have such an amazing group of Soul's journey with me and I love them all deeply. Photo below~ Im the one in the front with the green jumper holding the amazing Teala's hand.


Only 6 months after this I met a beautiful man and went over to Bali for a adventure. It was in this trip I realised how I had created a location free business for myself because all of my clients I am able to work with over the internet. I was able to continue working while travelling and this really exited me. I started getting really passionate about helping others do the same so they too could feel the freedom of having a location free business while living their purpose. Some photos of Bali below :) 



It was when we were over in Bali we decided to head over to Canada for a year, so within a week of getting back from Bali we were on our way to Vancouver Canada. This is also when I started homeschooling or more unschooling Zoe.

Our year in Canada was one of the biggest journeys Id ever had and it made me know myself more than any other journey. I had to really work out what I really wanted to create in my business and to dig deeper into who I really am. We lived in an amazing place called Deep Cove and the view from our living room was mind blowing. It was Zoe's first time seeing snow so it was amazing to be able to live in it so she really got a good taste of it. I on the other hand am a tropic girl who likes it hot, so I found the long winter a bit much. Here are some photos of that experience below.


We left Canada in May 2017 and come over to Wellington New Zealand for a year. We are living in another amazing place that has some beautiful views and feel very blessed we get to experience the beauty New Zealand has to offer. Its been such a long time away from home but the inner growth has been massive. My passion for helping people know who they are at Soul level and to live their purpose has grown even more. 

Iv been working with some amazing people and just feel so honoured to journey with the people that I do. I find that the people who are attracted to my work are Soul family and I just love them deeply. 

I am planing another Tribe gathering for early 2018 in Bali and can't wait to get these amazing Soul's together again. I also am plaining some retreats and workshops for Bali next year so keep your eyes open for them. 

                             The view from our living room in Wellington New Zealand ^

                      My amazing view from my desk ^ such a beautiful way to work

Our balcony is magic but its also really windy because Wellington is known for its crazy wind 

As you can see the view is amazing from our deck and the different colours are mind blowing. So this is our home for the next 9 months. Im really exited to see what creations come from this space and who I am at the end of it all.

The frequencies are getting so full on as we are right in the middle of this massive shift on the planet. It can be really hard at times and I know many people are struggling to find themselves. I still go through times of questioning myself and what I am doing (I think its just part of this process), but each time I come back into a place of knowing that Im here to help people see themselves clearly. 

If you have read this far then wow, thank you! I just wanted to share a bit about who I am and my journey. I am sending SO much love!!!!