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Moana Louise  recommends The Holographic Soul.

July 17 at 3:05 PM · 

I am so grateful beyond my words can express to have found Paula and the gifts of her work. This has been life changing and the transformation of myself and family members, children and partner are continually evident as a result of the soul reading and clearing that we had done initially for myself and subsequently my children, partner and my mum who was at the depths of depression due to a culmination of events tipped by a family friend passing.

It was extremely surreal to see my mother who had always been a pillar of strength and full power woman in this state of compromised mental and emotional fragility and her attempts to pull herself out through engaging in professional counselling and psychologist visits and time off work were futile and her depression rapidly getting worse.

It was a relief after an emotional day where she broke down and told my sister and I she wanted to take her life that she was open to accepting a soul reading and healing from Paula, as we all knew at that time that it was deeper than just what she was facing right now.

From the moment that she had engaged with Paula to do this work we witnessed her transform and take in life once again and her blanket of depression lifted. She is now better than she has ever been and casually tells us its because she is back to who she really is which to us is the best version of her already amazing self.

This is just one of many instances that Paula, has helped through her work design which is by far the best healing modality and deepest level of clearing I have come across to date, it has been a continual journey that I have witnessed in myself as well as many friends and family who have since chosen to take on after witnessing the very obvious positive changes in the people around them who have participated in, to shift things in this lifetime and clear the things holding us back, that no longer serves us. Some that we have no idea of in this life, until reading our reports and fully understanding our individual readings and getting that "of course that is why I am like this" feeling and a deep knowing that cannot be denied, from the resonance it brings deep within our souls.

I consider myself to have always been a 'spiritual person' however I am very much a realist and logical person and there is no question in any part of myself the authenticity and integrity in which Paula delivers this modality of healing and work she offers us.

I can honestly say that if you are considering any of the services available by Paula then you will not regret your decision and you will fully understand and appreciate the importance that this will have in your life and those of your loved ones and as another friend said to me. "this is more important than anything you could ever do for yourself especially in this time in our human existence and to have access to such a deep level of soul work we are extremely lucky".

I am currently embarking on the journey of the "abundance package" "negative energy removal" and "property clearing course" and I cannot wait to take in this information and apply it into my life as I know how much Heart and Soul, that Paula gives to ensure the highest level of integrity and Authenticity and support that is offered in all of her services and this to me is evident in every area of the Holographic Soul.

Thank you Paula your 'humble down to earth' delivery of your services is another wonderful part of who you are and this is another plus side for me as you have never shown me any judgement, which can be evident in the spiritual community. You always hold yourself in the height of your integrity and the level of respect and commitment that you show and the way in which you openly and authentically commit to the services you offer, is something I will forever be grateful. so much love and respect


Toddi Christensento The Holographic Soul

Paula - I am amazed by the reading you shared with me today for my soul profile...it was an incredible insight into myself and although aspects of it where a new language to me, it really resonated - sinking into the value of what you shine light on for clearing and healing. The in-depth information you provided was direct and easy to understand...you explained it with such passion and I heart - It is obvious that you have a sincere grasp of these amazing tools to help heal people and find much joy in it. It was a profound experience and I look forward to the next 21 days...feeling extremely blessed to have shared this experience with you at such time when my baby is so close to birthing - it gives me confidence - the veil has been lifted! So excited to watch you work in your bliss, assisting others you meet who are ready, and to walk the path of blueprint delivery beside you...soooo eager to learn more from you! Would love to sit in on some workshops to gain more insight for a higher understanding, could easily listen to you talk about it for hours! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU xo


Blake Hudsonto The Holographic Soul

Paula this healing modality is the best ive ever experienced! I am now free to stand in the divine power! without limitations!! yeeeohh!


Jean-Alain Virginieto The Holographic Soul

Paula, This is such awesome work. I'm still trying, I think, to integrate it all. Looking forward to the next few weeks. So life changing! Thank you. Much much love.


Belinda Thynneto The Holographic Soul

I have had the blessing to have a soul reading and two healing sessions from Paula. I felt so safe and comfortable in her presence and integrity that I took my children to see her also.

We all immediately feel lighter and clearer. From the days that followed our heavy weight of grief was lighter and we began to feel a clearer channel in our heart and thought pattern.

The "Soul Reading" answered so many questions for me and reinforced the differences I have within me and I now feel I can move forward to embrace them. I am doing my homework and day by day I am feeling so much clearer than the last, emotionally, physically and mentally.

This beautiful woman has found her gift and genuinely wants to help you heal. Highly recommend her services and Paula Brindley I have so so much gratitude! LOVE YOU xx


Donna Raymondto The Holographic Soul

The more I journey with Paula and her natural ability as a holographic healer, the more maps and keys are bought back!!! Sometimes it's beautiful... sometimes it's HOLY FUCKEN SHITBALLS, MIND BLOWING EPICNESS...lol! On Saturday night I had one of the most INTENSE healing experiences of my life and have felt so much clearer since! If you ever think to yourself... Something's not right... I don't feel myself lately... I feel so Lost... like a part of me is missing... I feel like I'm going crazy... No one will believe some of the paranormal things that have been happening to me... If your intuition is telling you that something is not quite right then contact Paula...seriously DO IT! In my life I have come to know whole heartedly that the truth is stranger than fiction... and this modality of healing with be paving the new way in what is possible for us to transcend the energies of the human pain-body on ALL levels!


Bridey Walshto The Holographic Soul

As a child, I used to talk to my guides, calling them my imaginary friends. Somewhere along the way, I lost my ability to hear them, to talk to them. I also knew that traumas from my childhood and past lives were following me into the present, affecting the way I lived my life and interacted with people around me. I was disconnected from my true self and I had no idea why or how to work through it. A big part of me no longer believed that I was being supported or protected by a team of guides, teachers and angels.

Paula Brindley reached out to me to come and have a healing session with her. I had no idea what she did, but I trusted the universe that everything happens for a reason and went to see her. Whilst it may be hard to explain what she does, I do know that Paula has very strong connection to the spirit world. She hears or feels spirit talking to her and uses the messages for powerful healing in a way I have never witnessed before. She was able to identify the parts of me that had been damaged in past lives, and accessed my akashic record to clear the damage and trauma. She was also able to retrieve parts of my soul that other people were holding onto. She introduced to me to my team of 11 guides, and also identified my soul group and order. I feel reconnected with both the spirit world, and with God, in whatever form he/she takes. I have more faith in my own intuition and my own dreaming.

Paula is not just any healer, she has a purpose and she is living it. I know that she feels people around her who are struggling, and so much wants to help them. If you feel your energy blocked, and that you are stuck in patterns that continue to be repeated again and again, I highly recommend her to you all. I know some other women on this circle have seen her and will agree with my words. Paula, I u, and thank you for your amazing assistance.


Chanel Baranto The Holographic Soul

INFINITE BLESSINGS AND GRATITUDE TO YOU DEAR Paula Brindley YOU INCREDIBLY POWERFUL GODDESS! Thankyou so much for the AMAZING and DIVINE Soul Realignment and Hands on Healing <3 WOWOWO Thankyou for helping me realize WHO I REALLY AM and WHO MY SOUL GROUP IS AND EVERYTHING TODAY  Thankyou for helping me shift the dawment and negative energy in my body and for purifying my spirit and soul. Infinite Gratitude my divine goddess <3 HIGHLY RECOMMENDING THIS INCREDIBLE WORK TO ANYONE WHO IS READY TO INITIATE THE NEXT LEVEL OF BEING <3 Infinite Love and Blessings from my heart and soul family to you <3 I LOVE YOU PAULA!


Sharon Braumanto The Holographic Soul

Thank you Paula for all the healing you have done on me. You healed my leg in 5 days instead of 6 to 8 weeks which is what i was told it would take by my doctors & friends that have had this injury. My injury was a gastrocnemius tear. Also Christine would like to say a huge THANK YOU for starting to heal her back she can stand up straight now and is nearly pain free from very bad back injury which made it very difficult to have a normal life! She is very grateful & cant thank you enough! Keep up the fantastic work Paula!


Alicia Fergusonto The Holographic Soul

I want to express gratitude for the work Paula does here.

Three days ago I received a soul clearing from Paula and I have felt the changes coming through thick and fast since. She's an awesome light and incredible healer. When reading the 21 day alignment (you get this to go with the clearing) I get a feeling of fullness that comes with the joy of manifesting brilliant new things into my life. It brings you joy with every word you read, knowing those things are positive to have in your range of thoughts throughout the day.

Apart from these changes, the information you get from the clearing itself is pretty awe-inspiring. She told me things she couldn't have known about me without prior information. If you have a fondness for self-discovery and confirmation of inner truths. Check out the work this beautiful being is devoting her life to. :)

If anything I hope if you are reading this and on the edge, questioning if it is worth it to get a healing: IT ABSOLUTELY IS.


Gaaile Mi-chatto The Holographic Soul

This message is for those who are on the path... Paula has done her soul report for me and i must said that she is an amazing healer and a beautiful human being !!! She is just amazing and it's not just to please her that i write this...Don't hesitate and ask for her soul report with clearing and healing if you think it's time for you... It's time for us light workers and her work is the best way to be ready for this year of new beginning. You want to know who you are so do it....So much love for you Paula, you change my life and i would be infinitly gratefull...Love and light....


Ayellet Ahavimto The Holographic Soul

Beloved Paula, Having made the Akashic reading by you led me to find the key to my home which since long I am trying to find. It's a big step! I am really happy for that and I know there is some work to be done from my side. I feel now guided and protected -it's such a blessing. It feels real to me since it's a process where I don't feel euphoric... Thank you for having the opportunity of meeting you and being supported by you .

Much Love and Light, Ayellet


Cynthia Kaiewe Gerhardtto The Holographic Soul

Hi Paula! I'd like to thank you for sharing your gifts with me and I appreciate the time you spent for my Soul Reading ♥ I'm 10 days into the 21 days of transmutation and have felt shifting physically as well as progress understanding my Soul's purpose here in the physical... I know this is far from over, lol, just the beginning. Lots of work ahead, but I least a feel a direction... I say thank you, mahalo nui, inlakesh ~ much love ~ a look forward to speaking with you again


Suzanne S WilliamstoThe Holographic Soul

I, like many that are here, have been on a path of healing and self discovery. It has been my journey up till now. I have released so much "crap" in the last 2 years that I thought I would know my place finally...yet I still couldn't figure out where that place was and what my part is in everything. I felt I was close to finding out but it always eluded me. Then I came across Paula. I knew immediately she would be the one to help me fit the pieces together. I had a reading and clearing and to say I was blown away would be an understatement. I can say, in this moment in time, my life as a whole finally makes sense to me. If you have been doing the work and you are looking for help to get you past your blocks...I highly recommend Paula. She is thorough, professional, friendly and really wants to assist you in your journey. She is a loving soul and for me a new friend. Thank you again, Paula.


Tanja Kaiserto The Holographic Soul

Dear Paula,

Thank you Thank you Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your soul reading, your explanations, your precious time and your healings you did for me and most of all being there for me when I really needed you.

I know that I have a lot of layers that I have to peel off to reach my purest self;

I go on with my work every day and it is soooooooo good to know, that I am not alone walking this path and having helping hands around me and know, that they are there for me when I call upon them....

I can recommend her to anyone who needs help in order to better understand the way things happens and why things happens the way they happens :-),

to have a healing or want to know about their past lifes, to want more Guidance and more Energy in their life;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;EVERY THING !!!!!!

Bless you and please go on with your amazing work to heal the world !!!!


Catherine Te Whareto The Holographic Soul

Words cannot express the amazing journey I have started with Paula Brindley and many others. Paula, you have helped me immensely already even though I am at the start. I felt the connection between us and know I was guided to you at this critical time on Earth. Having had the Soul reports done on my little girls has also helped along with your amazing advice regarding Nehal souls. I am so enjoying this journey and feel your healing and your love. My own records did not surprise me in the least and my soul group completely resonates with me. This is an emotional enlightening experience one that everyone should do right now.


Kt Didto The Holographic Soul

Words cannot express the #gratitude I feel from the #DepthsOfMyBeing for the DIVINE TIMING of crossing paths with Paula & having this work done. To say it was #MeantToBe doesn't even come close! I've always been 'spiritually inclined' & have had a deep seated yearning to go deeper than the 'surface level' that society deems 'normal' for as long as I can remember. To say I have consciously worked on myself for many years would be an understatement & yet there seemed to be missing pieces that I couldn't quite grasp despite all my hard work. The moment I connected with Paula, something profound took place. I embarked upon a journey of meeting my true authentic self - at a soul level!!! Since having my soul clearing & healing report done, those missing pieces have fallen into place & I feel forever grateful to Paula for shedding light on parts of myself that I was previously unable to access before now! Not only have you touched a part of me that had previously been untouched Paula, but you have become a precious dear friend in the process & I have come to LOVE & RESPECT YOU immensely! Your work is so needed in these trying times & I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS WORK BE DONE FOR ANY & ALL THAT STRIVE FOR A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF THEMSELVES & for those searching for true meaning in their lives. Truth be told, the energies of today are more intense than ever, there is an activation & awakening on a mass scale happening right now. We as a society are finally waking up from the deepest of sleeps & its time for us all to live with #EyesWideOpen!!! The need for 'humanity as a whole' to wake up has never been so dire than now. We each have a role to play in these amazing times & its time to fill your boots, step up, own your power & do what it is you came here to do!!! We all know (on some level) that there is more to the veiled illusions that the conglomerate 'powers that be' have woven around us, its all been designed to distract humanity from what really matters. Their ultimate agenda is to keep us dumbed down. To manipulate us as a society & keep us 'existing' within the mould. We did not come here to live out the 'Joneses theory' or to compete with one another, or to create wars, or to starve, or to live a divided duality, or to hate one another... We came here to LOVE. To create a new & harmonious way of being FOR THE GOOD OF ALL. Pure & simple. Its time to #RiseAndShine, embrace our differences & unite as ONE for the good of humankind as a whole. Its time the power shifted from the hands of 'the wealthy & powerful' of this world, into the hands of us, the people. It is our time to shed the layers, it is time to embody an awareness of what's going on all around us, it is our time to be awake & unafraid. Four words = #PowerToThePeople!!! Paula, I THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO. YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING SiSTAR!!! Keep doing what you're doing, your work in healing one soul at a time is of the utmost importance right here & right now in this time & space!!! On behalf of all of humanity, I wish to say thank you ThAnK YoU THANK YOU... I LOVE YOU


Amanda Stoketo The Holographic Soul

Paula, my beautiful soul siStar I just wanted to take a moment to thank you with every fiber of my being. I feel like I was wondering around in a dark room picking things up, not quite knowing what they were and what to do with them and you simply turned on the light. You've held my hand while I had to look at some of the really hard things and encouraged me to take that leap to be my full authentic self and baby there's no going back. The support that you provide through the whole 21 day clearing process, the group healings afterward and the tribe we all have built thru your gift is beyond words. Thank you, thank you and me for contracting our wild beautiful souls together to do this work. WE ARE MAGIC. Your services help us to peel back the layers and re'member that, re'member those pieces of ourselves that get disconnected and programed to forget or be blind.

I've always felt different, always been told I was weird but I knew, I knew in the depths of myself long buried that I was right about my feelings. With time I expressed them less and less and drew farther from my authentic self, and GODS was I unhappy and felt adrift. Finally I turned my focus inward, knowing that was the only thing I could really be in charge of. As I moved deeper into myself Source and divine timing brought Paula and I together and BAM, EXPLOSION, FIREWORKS I was re-born. The 21 day process is INTENSE, HARD work, but your worth that work!!! We are here to wake up the world, to be the way showers and the light bringers. Maybe you've been doing personal work and you've reached a point where you feel stuck, or confused, alone, lost....like all this work is just for not and bull shit. I assure you, all of her clients can, it's NOT. You just need someone to help you PUSH through this stuck place. Paula is a midwife for the birth of your soul into the new Earth. She can't do the work for you, or push the new you out, but she can give you amazing tips and more encouragement and love then you may have ever felt in your life. She clears the stuff you can't see but can feel the muck holding you down. The tribe we have formed from all her clients is a family like I have never known. I am seen, truly seen on a soul level and the compassion and love is legendary. Paula is magic, we all are and your tribe is waiting for you. Take the leap. It's time to change the world. So much love


Shabari Birdto The Holographic Soul

My husband and I were living a very difficult and contentious life with each other. After meeting many people who had experienced the 21 day program with Paula, we committed and completed the complete clearing program. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Two months later and we are living and working together with such grace and peace even during a stressful move and travels to Europe and US. I totally support Paula and any program she offers. Shabari Bird


John Chrystal reviewed The Holographic Soul 

Amazing healing on a whole other level!

The Holographic Soul Report explained so much about my life & what was unfolding. If you need some clarity & direction I suggest a soul report from Paula. She offers amazing support and access to her Holographic tribe and online training!!!! :)

Thank YOU Paula


Stephanie Salvador reviewed The Holographic Soul 

This is the MOST TRANSFORMATIONAL journey I have ever been on in my life. After having my Soul Clearing done I literally found myself!! I experienced the most profound remembering which i had never even contemplated. Throughout the 21 day process which followed, it was like a small piece of me returned day by day until the end and I was completely whole again! Words are far too simple to explain how tremendous this experience has been for me. And not only me, my Husband of 10 years, and our 2 beautiful children have also experienced this amazing rediscovery of the soul. Our lives have changed in so many fantastical and empowered and intriguing ways. Our relationships with each other have blossomed which is really such a blessing in itself, and i am continuing to discover things about myself which blows me away. The best thing is that Paula stays with you and journeys with you through it all and there is an amazing tribe of people who have all worked with Paula who are here to help out and talk to and each of these souls are uniquely amazing also. I am blessed, so so so blessed. Thank you Paula from the deepest part of my soul I Thank you Thank you Thank you


Lisa Martina reviewed The Holographic Soul 

I stumbled across this site via a facebook friends recommendation. I was cautious and rightly so, I beleive, as this is not something to committ to lightly, and there are also some fairly dodgy characters out there in the interweb! But, I trusted my gut, and I haven't looked back. The work that Paula does is fantastic and well worth the investment. She is an amazing woman and I highly recommend her to anybody considering this type of healing and knowing. Thank you for the great work Paula, I am ever so grateful xxx


Janet Hoye reviewed The Holographic Soul 

Totally changed my life, a wonderful path and beautiful guidance. I will always be grateful to Paula for the love, acceptance and direction


Suzanne S Williams reviewed The Holographic Soul 

If you have been doing the work and you are looking for help to get you past your blocks...I highly recommend Paula. She is thorough, professional, friendly and really wants to assist you in your journey. She is a loving soul and for me a new friend. Since my initial reading and clearing I have journeyed with her and many other Beautiful Souls through her Spirit Guide course and abundance package. It has been so transformative and I finally feel like I have found the place that I belong. I am also a part of the Holographic Tribe which is a wonderful experience with much support, love and advice when you need it.


Natalie Lara Khalil reviewed The Holographic Soul 

I have been suffering from a chronic pain "incurable" rare diagnosis and heart condition since 2008. I have had my life turned upside down and tried almost everything to heal. The healing I found with Paula was truly a gift. Spiritual healing has been helping me to undo my pain and live in my power. I am still on a journey, but I do know it is the right one! Without meeting Paula and the Tribe (truly a godsend) I wouldn't be in such a great alignment with myself. In plain English, my pain is diminishing, I am becoming who I should be, I am digging through spiritual and emotional baggage and in so healing myself.
My Soul Clearing report showed me many things. One which was I had 2 poltergeists attached which had to go.
Through the Tribe I have received a tremendous amount of support and even met someone who had my exact rare illness but has healed it!!!!!
The Spirit Guide Course has also been AMAZING and my psychic powers are getting stronger.
I know I'm exactly where I belong and I more then highly recommend Paula's services. She is a mentor and now a friend.


Bridget Sherlock reviewed The Holographic Soul 

One of the most amazing experiences of life was getting the soul clearing done. It has led me on a path I am so very grateful for and I feel now that I am becoming the real me more and more. I've also met an amazing tribe through Paula that I now consider my family! Go on get it done you'll be amazed at what you discover!


Aria Austin reviewed The Holographic Soul 

Paula is a delight! Her dedication to this work and her path is an inspiration. I see her as a leading light who walks her talk and shares her authentic self with deep generosity. Since getting my soul report done I have been compelled to have her do a property clearing and to participate in both the Spirit Guide and the Abundance courses that she has offered. It is such a lovely thing to have her guidance support my life. She is prolific in her offerings. Her devotion to her path has certainly helped to progress me on mine. I hold her in high regard for her integrity, honesty, conscientiousness and courage (and think of her with much love and appreciation).


Ayellet Ahavim reviewed The Holographic Soul 

I am so full of gratitude to Paula helping me through soul reading and clearing to open the big gate to consciousness expansion. It is not an Easy journey but a Real one! It gives me tools and guides me everyday. Big Thank You,full of Love


Catherine Te Whare reviewed The Holographic Soul 

I cannot believe it's almost a year since I first connected with Paula Brindley to have my Soul Clearing report. My journey has unfolded rapidly since then and my life will never be the same again. I think anyone who is drawn to Paula is done so for a reason and all of my life's feelings and yearnings were finally answered and resonated massively. I am fortunate to journey further with Paula and have completed the Spirit Guide course and the Abundance package. I have the most amazing connection with my guides now and as I type this, they are hugging and applauding me which can be emotional but makes me so happy. Part of my transformation is that before going in, I no idea what I wanted to do, I was so out of alignment. Today, I am in the process of setting up my own business, I have lots of pieces that need to fit into place but they are happening, it's all happening and I will be forever truly grateful to Paula for this. On another note I have been able to connect with my soul sisters and brothers all around the planet. We are family and we have connected on a level that cannot be described. I am looking forward to meeting them all, in the flesh for the Tribe gathering. Deep heartfelt love to you all 


Daisy Grace Steinfort reviewed The Holographic Soul 

There is not a monetary value that can encompass how valuable this Healing and Clearing is. Even in the 2 months since I finished my transmutation to solidify my healing, I notice an immense difference in myself. There is a lightness to my being, and I am coming into my power more than ever before. Paula is such a beautiful spirit, I highly recommend getting a Soul Clearing and Healing from her. It will literally change your life.


Brianne Cahill reviewed The Holographic Soul 

Most definitely a life changing experience! Would recommend for anyone who truly wants to know themselves...in my case start to xxxx


Ceren Uner reviewed The Holographic Soul 

I came across Paula’s holographic soul reading and clearing through a true friend who had a reading and clearing done with her. When I first read her report, I knew I was going to get a reading myself cause it resonated with me the moment I read it (ok it took more than a moment as the report is long and detailed:).

I was amazed by the details and the whole picture, as it was showing me myself in a mirror of light, and giving me explanations about my struggles, about which I couldn’t even possibly think of. I was –and of course still am- on a road to my higher self, a journey of self discovery, for several years now, but after I had the reading and clearing done, the journey accelerated rapidly as I finally felt I was on the right track to my higher self. We change every day, every hour and every minute, we evolve, that’s inevitable. Aligning yourself, your mind and your body with your soul’s purpose and connecting with your higher self, and letting everything flow being present in the moment were the keys, I knew that. I knew that but there were massive setbacks, limitations and restrictions from the outside and the inside. Right there Paula provides you with a road map specific for your own soul’s journey…and when you have that map, there’s no going back to where you were. A huge transformation starts and you very naturally realize that you started trusting your soul, your intuition, your spirit guides, your angels. I was always looking for meaning behind everything that happened to me, happened around me or through me. After the report and especially after the spirit guide course, I went beyond that and started seeing, hearing and feeling the meanings, the messages and the signs. Paula takes you by the hand, and supports you in unveiling the curtain and seeing the absolute truth beyond this third dimension on every step of the road. I cannot even find the right words to thank her; the words are not enough


Lucy Hart reviewed The Holographic Soul 

Connecting with Paula and the amazing work that she does has been a phenomenal experience. I was drawn to connect with her over a year ago and receive a Soul Clearing, since then there has been an amazing ongoing unfoldment, greater insight and understanding of myself and the journey of being alive.

I am loving this journey of being here at this amazing time and the connection with Paula and the extensive tribe has enriched this journey ten fold.

Paula invests so much love into what she does, a healing journey with her goes on and on, layer after layer. If your heart is calling for some spiritual healing, I highly recommend Paula.


Karsha Ki reviewed The Holographic Soul 

You probably already know that you are ready for a soul report and clearing. It's that "sense of knowing" what you always felt to be true and willingness to remember what we came here allowing ourselves to forget. Buckle your seat belts and get ready for the energetic ride of this lifetime


Shebnem Dönmez reviewed The Holographic Soul 

My life have had massive change since encounter with beloved Paula! the amazing thing that now I know I am a star seed! this knowledge made change everything in my life.. In & out. I am looking to the world to the earth to the universe and to myself very very different NOW. What I gain from the report and guides from Paula is priceless so precious. Everything she had done is resonates with my soul .. and I did direct cuple of divine friends to her . But I just wanted to them to find themselves at list step a big giant move to towards themselves.. very very deep and loving and powerful work what she is doing! I am soooo lucky to be aware of her. she is here in this beautiful planet and very eager to help people who really want to know who they are! thank you sister. Even though I could't go forward in spirit guide course. But I will make progress until our tribe gathering. and oh yes, I have so many amazing star seed friends who has big open heart and they are rocks! Can't wait to see and meet with all of them. I know that I am not alone in this planet and i solude my weirdness!!! thank you Paula, I love you so much


Mel Ting Stone reviewed The Holographic Soul 

Next level healing for those who are ready to peel back all those layers right to the core, and beyond... I recommend this healing to pretty much anyone, whether you know exactly what you want and what you are doing or if you feel a little lost or disconnected. Even if you are just curious, it is well worth it. Paula clarifies so many things you may be going through personally, giving you a deeper understanding into the inner workings of it all. Since having my Soul Report done I have felt significant change in all aspects of my life. Paula is so great to work with and there is so much support from the Holographic Tribe.

Thankyou Paula and Tribe...


Amanda Stoke reviewed The Holographic Soul 

Paula is not only a gifted and magical woman but a powerful facilitator. Thank you for all your support during and after the many healing sessions we have had. I love you!!!!!!!!!!! My life has changed so radically on so many level since I began this journey with Paula. I have blossomed into my own passion of supporting people and understand more clearly where I am of the most value in my passion as well as in myself. This journey is deep, real work. Some of the most challenging work you may ever do, but you are SO worth it and couldn't be in better hands. We will see you in the tribe   Peace In Bottom of Form


Kay.M reviewed The Holographic Soul 

I have been working with Paula since 2014, my initial Soul reading and Clearing really changed my life in ways that I could not have possibly fathomed at the time. I had it done as a birthday present for myself as I wanted to know what soul group I was from as I was struggling to find my "place" in the world. This process gave me that and much much more... I had really lost my way and was in quite a self-destructive pattern but after the process was done I quite quickly started to find a desire to be in "complete alignment" with my authentic self and over the following weeks and months, anything in my life that was "out of alignment" was slowly stripped from me but replaced with situations, people and choices that were true to who I am. Paula has completed several other healings/clearings for me since, and even though we work remotely (we are on the opposite sides of the world) there is always a sense of trust and integrity in the work, and I know that Paula truly cares about what she does. I completed my Second Layer Clearing mid 2016  and looking back, it's really apparent to me the ways in which things have shifted in my life since my clearings, one of the things I had really struggled with all my life was a deep fear of abandonment, which had caused me a lot of trouble in my relationships and in my behaviour. I'd done a great deal of work on this thing that had been my Achilles heel for the longest time, but my Second Layer Clearing completely transformed it in ways I did not expect, now it's a complete non-issue and I attract very different circumstances into my life and my whole belief system around my self-worth in relationships has done a 180! This is such important work that Paula does, I've worked with a lot of other practitioners in the past but I've never come across anyone who works in the same way. It's incredibly deep work but performed with so much love and care, you do need to be ready for it as it does change your life if you are prepared to be an active participant in this phenomenal process. 


Ildi Baran reviewed The Holographic Soul 

My beautiful amazing daughter had gifted me with a Healing session with Paula and Holographic Soul Realignment readings by Paula for my husband, my son and myself. I am to this day absolutely astounded by the psychic ability and healing powers of this very petite and demure young lady. Don’t let her physical size ever fool you though, as she is an extremely powerful healer/ intuitive who works with the purest of hearts and her work with the Holographic Soul Reports providing accurate readings for her clients is astounding and life changing.

At the age of 53 I have had many types of healing sessions in my life and having had major brain surgery 13 months prior to our session and feeling all manner of intermittent physical aches and pains, I welcomed the opportunity for a healing session. I have never felt the molecules in my body vibrate like they did during my session with Paula. Whilst laying flat on the table, It felt like my entire body was filled with champagne bubbles that were moving upwards from the table through my body and out towards the sky. I have never experienced this sensation ever before. I tend to live my life with an element of caution but Paula had shown me she was an absolutely genuinely committed ‘White Light Healer’ who possesses the biggest pure heart.

Paula conducted Holographic Soul readings and clearings for my entire family and I confess from Day 1 after the ‘Restoring Soul Facets’ reading for my husband and I, there was immediate and significant change within the household for all of us. As a Mother and Wife I was able to conduct the 21 Day Realignment readings ‘for and on behalf of my Husband and Son’. The positive changes are in continuance and ongoing. Paula’s reading was the only reading I have ever had (and I have had few) that the results absolutely resonated with every morsel of my being. It was the only reading that actually ‘explained’ the ‘unexplainable’. The gut feelings I have had in my life that something has been affecting me, hovering over me, binding me, holding me back, inhibiting my ability to progress in life – all now understood. It was very gratifying that those thoughts and feelings from deep within my guts that I had experienced for so many years were not just me being silly or stupid, but they were based on the actual reality of my soul’s journey on this earth.

You have opened up an entire new world for me Paula Brindley for which I am extremely grateful. I have thrown out my old outdated belief systems and views of life (the ones forced upon us by the controlling powers that be) and have welcomed the new reality and belief system with open arms.

I highly recommend Paula and her works to anyone who is serious about healing themselves and searching for a greater understanding of their journey on this earth. Discovering the actual reasons behind the blocks they continue to experience in their life and to find the tools of insight to be able to implement positive change in their life and to be able to live a life that is in greater alignment and congruent with their soul’s journey in this lifetime. Paula works tirelessly to help facilitate physical healing and positive change in her client’s lives and for the spiritual advancement and enlightenment of the human race on this Earth. I have great respect and extreme gratitude for you Paula and all that you do.

Sending you lots of love and blessings Paula. Thank you Thank you Thank you


Meli Rose reviewed The Holographic Soul 

Paula, I don’t know if I can ever thank you enough for what you have done - I could not have thought it possible. Your soul reading and clearing for my 8yr old has changed everything for us. His life up until now has been a massive challenge for all of us – himself especially. It has been like trying to put together and operate some complicated and difficult piece of equipment with no help or instructions at all. Since receiving his report from you, I have been blown away by how incredibly accurate and insightful your work is – it is an amazing and descriptive explanation of all facets of his being that has made everything we have experienced with him up until now, fall immediately into place. It has explained in an instant what I have been struggling to understand since he was born and I can see very clearly now how to let him be the beautiful soul he has been struggling to be. 
I am grateful beyond expression, and I thank you with ALL of my heart for your HUGE heart full of love and for your incredible work!!!
Lots and lots of love to you xoxoxox


Irena Deacon reviewed The Holographic Soul 

Thankyou so much Paula, for performing a soul realignment and clearing for me recently. I have struggled with anxiety, depression, insecurity and lack of self worth, my whole life. After having the clearing done, it is like looking through a dusty window, that is slowly being wiped away to reveal the pristine glass underneath. 'Stuff' just seems to melt away, I feel happy for the first time since I can remember, I feel content, I feel like the world is my oyster. I don't know how much more I can rave on about it, just do it!


Crisula Nordstrom reviewed The Holographic Soul 

I have experienced many different offerings from Paula so Iv broken them down.


There is a before and after in my life since I received my soul report. This service has brought real transformation in my life. The deep healing came as an answer to my prayers when my life was falling apart and I felt desperate and drained. With a deeper understanding of who I am and how I could transform my life, a new path opened up for me. With the 21-day clearing I noticed how the destructivity and negativity in my life were replaced with healthy choices and an increasing self-love. What I found fascinating and amazing was that after the 21 days of clearing, the real work began. Things out of alignment in my everyday life had to change in order for me to live a better life. It was truly empowering to meet every challenge with a renewed sense of clarity and strength. No other healer has helped me transform my life the way Paula has. This work goes deep and supports profound healing on all levels. If there is one single thing I could point out as crucial for my spiritual growth, this is the one!


After the soul report, this was the natural next step to take in order to deepen my healing. The secondary layer clearing was really an eye opener in the sense that it explained where I was stuck and why, but not only that, also giving me guidance on how to further transform my life. The second layer clearing is a wonderful way to release even deeper and take full responsibility for my own health on all levels.  This is such a great support for anyone who would like to live a freer life!


This journey into abundance has opened me up for the life I dream of living. Since I started working with this energy, I am much more receptive and open for the magical synchronicities in my life. I loved both the informative videos and the healing videos. The good thing is also that I can go through the videos again and again. I use them at times when I need extra nourishment or when I need to release the old in order to attract the new. These amazing tools has made such a positive difference in my life.


The relationship reading goes deep into the energetic fabric of relations. For me it was so precious to do this work, not alone, but together with my partner. Moving through the process together was very powerful. After we had finished our 21-day clearing, we both noticed how much easier we communicated and the tension we previously felt between us, faded away. We experienced a new flow with each other. I´d recommend this reading and clearing to all couples!


This report gave me many aha experiences. It was a great fun to understand my own personality and to access new possibilities by accepting my own strengths and weaknesses. It became so clear which approach to life would gain me and which would bring effort. With this report I have a better starting point for manifesting my goals and visions. What this report also provided me with is discernment; what to engage in and what to let go of. I absolutely loved this process!


Working with Paula is such a blessing. Her professional and neutral way of being in service brings me a sense of safety in the most vulnerable processes. Her gift as an intuitive healer, psychic and spiritual mentor has given me a life I only used to dream of. With her help I can honestly say I am a new, upgraded version of myself. Paula is a devoted and generous healer with integrity. Her ability to access the Akashic Records and support and guide me from there is the deepest healing I have ever experienced. I am forever grateful!